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Tradologie.com is very pleased that Mahant Overseas aboard

Tradologie.com is very pleased that Mahant Overseas

Tradologie.com is very pleased that Mahant Overseas has accepted our offer and are joining our team.

Your experience and vision will be a great asset to our association. And we know that the team is looking forward to working with your organization. read more

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Status of Basmati Rice export to Iran?

Basmati Rice export to Iran

Basmati rice exports to Iran are likely to resume as the country has lifted its ban on imports from India and indicated that it will make payments of over Rs 1,700 crore to Indian exporters which have been due since last year. read more

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R.D. Sharma Group Joins Tradologie.com

R.D. Sharma Group

Tradologie.com is a growing brand and every new associate is a blessing. Recently Tradologie.com joined hands with the R.D. Sharma group and we are delighted to have them on board.

R.D. Sharma Group is one of the most renowned Basmati rice sellers in Thailand and globally. read more

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Discover about edible oil price fluctuation

No changes in the Edible oil prices till January Next Year

Edible oil prices, which have increased by 20% to 40% during the past couple of months, are expected to stay firm at least till January despite subdued demand amid the pandemic, mainly due to supply-side disruptions. read more

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Tradologie is thrilled to have Zaria Industries Private Ltd. onboard

Zaria Industries Private Ltd

Welcome to the team Zaria Industries Private Ltd.  We are thrilled to have you onboard. Your association is going to be a valuable asset to our company and we can’t wait to see all that you accomplish at our platform. read more

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Indian exporters face container shortage due to trading inconsistency

Indian exporters face container shortage due to trading inconsistency

Indian exporters face container shortages due to trading inconsistency.

The waiting time to obtain containers for exports has increased for Indian traders because of import/export mismatch. A sudden increase in exports from China is considered to be the main reason behind this delay. read more

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How to import/export in covid-times

import/export in covid-times

The worldwide spread of Covid-19 has achieved a phenomenal stop to action in every single significant economy, mostly the import/export in covid times. WTO has figured worldwide exchange volumes to drop forcefully by 13-32%, which has not been seen before in the cutting edge time. The circumstances are so fluid that to put a number to development projections for 2020-21 isn’t possible with the current scenario. read more

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Commodity News Pulses

Tur prices fall by 15% in November 2020

Tur prices fall by 15%

Tur dal prices have declined by 15-20% from the highs of October while those of other pulses, including masoor and chana, have either stabilized or declined marginally following measures taken by the government. read more

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Optimal enterprise, we are honored to have you

Optimal enterprise, we are honoured to have you

Tradologie.com is honored to welcome its new associate Optimal enterprises. Together we intend to expand horizons globally. A well-renowned brand because of its good market reach internationally plans to capture diverse marketer with Tradologie.com   read more

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Knowledge Base

How to start meat export in India, learn the basics.

Any meat business sees export as a lucrative opportunity. Small scale or new businesses in India feel exporting meat as a hard task to accomplish. In reality, initial paperwork requires your highest attention, approaching buyers and shipping is not at  all a cakewalk.

Sometimes people are clueless on how to even start with any new venture. Below we have gathered all the information, step-by-step for your better understanding about meat export. This will help you draw your plan of action, effectively.


Foremost, before commencing export, you need to get your paperwork on point. Two most important requirements are

  • Company registration – it is a certificate issued by the govt. of India, which signifies your business credentials and authenticity. Registration certificate has all your company details, address, owners, etc. in one place. It just signals, your business is genuine and any transaction you make is recorded by the government. Anyone looking to purchase from overseas needs such documents, as they wouldn’t physically visit you and can trust you if government-issued certifications are complete.
  • IEC code– also known as the import or export code, with company certification this is a code issued to you by the foreign trade department. IEC code is a number issued to you and all your foreign transactions are recorded against this assigned number. It is a 10 digit code with lifetime validity. Getting an IEC code is an inevitable step before exporting meat.
  • Meat export license- the third most important certificate for exporting meat is the meat export license. It is issued by the department of agriculture,water and the environment grants. The department ensures all the guidelines are followed as meat export has numerous standards to abide too. Gulf countries don’t entertain suppliers without the meat export license. 
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