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10 Things You Need To Check Before You Buy ACC Cement OPC 43 Grade in Bulk

ACC Cement OPC-43

Cement is one of the most important ingredients in construction material for building Infrastructures. ACC Cement is one of the country’s top brands of premium cement. The high-quality of products has garnered a positive response worldwide. Acc cement was the first phase in sustainable cement manufacturing. The company was established in 1936 with twelve production units of around 34 million tons per year. Its capacity to trade a large quantity of cement is very well-known. It has broad uses for the construction of dams, bridges, tunnels, walls, culverts, etc. It is used as concrete binding material.

India is the 2nd largest cement exporter. In developed countries such as India, there is a huge opportunity for cement. It has also grown due to many systems for subsidized housing supported by the government. In view of the value of cement, several leading organizations have launched joint ventures to boost cement production in the market.

10 Things You Need To Check Before You Buy ACC Cement OPC-43 Grade in Bulk

  1. Grading: The first thing required in the procurement of bulk ACC Cement is to check its grade. The cement of OPC-43 Grade is known less Micro- cracking and long term strength.
  2. Correct Information: Go through the ACC name and registered trademark of the manufacturer accurately. If the label and name are not written correctly or if there is an error in spelling, the cement bag may be of substandard variant.
  3. Certification Mark: The brand ISI should be impressed in black on the cement bags. The ISI mark ensures that the cement wrapped in the bag has followed all quality criteria. ACC has all the certification required from
  4. Seller Reputation: The seller’s reputation is also important when it comes to procurement. Often, sellers mix adulterated material with the original material to sell it cheaper online.
  5. MRP and IS Code: The scratched MRP Print on the bag is a representation of unscrupulous Material and seriously advised not to be procured. Particular IS Code defines the listing of products in government records.  ACC Cement OPC-43 surpasses all the BIS specifications and standards set by the government on strength levels. It has registered IS Code 8112-1989 for OPC 43 cement.
  6. Batch No. and Expiry Date: On the cement bag, it is necessary to list the batch/control unit number in terms of week, month and packaging year. It is recommended to use a newly packed cement bag, normally less than 3 months.
  7. Address: The address of ACC Cement Manufacturer in order to identify any spurious material added to the product and for further future inquiries.
  8. Color: The ideal ACC cement OPC 43 color has greenish-grey color. Any disruption or change in color is a serious red flag for not to purchase.
  9. Drop Test: Drop test is the process for checking the quality aspects of cement. When ideal cement dropped in a bucket of water settles down rather than floating on the surface.
  10. Fineness: Cement should be in fine powder shape, soft to the touch, and free of granular lumps. Strong lumps in the cement bag reflect humidity. One sample of the cement must be checked before the purchase.

The broad trade of construction materials like ACC OPC-43 Cement was never a straightforward task because of the presence of a large number of intermediaries. There were some changes to the implementation of new media. Commercial websites like India Mart, Trade India, and Alibaba resolved direct interaction between buyers and sellers. They could not remove the problem from its grassroots, however. There are also problems with buyers’ and sellers’ credibility and truthfulness. Many exporters and importers don’t get the right price because of the middlemen.

Recognizing a service gap, TRADOLOGIE.COM created a global trading platform to revolutionize business-to-business trade. The firm is a next-generation, B2B retail sourcing solution for agro-commodities and construction materials in a $100 trillion global economy. From inquiry to delivery, the company specializes in delivering end-to-end goods for its customers all around the world.

It includes not only mutual communication between buyers and sellers but also takes responsibility for any issues related to the supply chain. This is intended to ensure that the buyers receive the goods purchased without delay. It showcases 250000+ internationally checked customers for the Bulk Trade of ACC OPC 43 Cement on Tradologie.com. Buyers who want to buy ACC OPC-43 cement in Bulk could take advantage of TRADOLOGIE.COM solutions and save up to 20% on the market price. With Tradologie.com every deal is the assurance of quality. So, buy the best from the best at your specification, at your price, at your time.

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