4 Types of Pulses Export To Bahrain From India

Pulses exports from India

Pulses exports from India to Bahrain have increased considerably in the last decade, with much of these exports coming from 5 different types of pulses – gram, chickpea, mung bean, green bean, and red kidney beans. If you are an Indian exporter of pulses, it’s important to know about these five types so that you can target your marketing efforts to exactly the type of pulses that buyers in Bahrain want to buy. Let’s take a look at each one individually to see what makes them so popular.

Pulse: An Overview

As mentioned earlier, pulses are defined as any kind of dried beans, peas, or lentils. Now that you know what pulses are, you may wonder why we specifically chose to write about Indian pulses exports. In short, it’s because of sheer volume and diversity. With over 100 million tons produced per year on par with wheat and corn production combined, India can arguably be considered the pulses capital of the world with most pulses coming from Northern states in India like Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh.

Indian Beans

When most people think of beans, they think of pinto or kidney. These are delicious varieties and great in any recipe, but it’s important to note that there are more kinds of beans out there than most people realize. Beans are one of those things where variety really matters. For example, Indian beans have a slightly different flavor profile than other types and when paired with certain ingredients or herbs can produce something incredible! When sourcing Indian pulses from an export company like APMC, know what you want to use them for, and let them help you find exactly what you need. For example, these companies provide top-notch color sorting services which will let you source exactly what you need!

Black Gram

Also known as urad or tuvar, the black gram is native to South Asia and a close relative of lentils. It’s generally cooked like kidney beans but has a stronger taste and smell that’s not to everyone’s liking. Many South Asians use black gram in dishes that are traditionally made with lamb or beef, such as curries. As with other pulses, it’s available in different sizes and color varieties. Black gram can be bought in bulk through Tradologie.com. Buyers can buy pulses in bulk directly from the brands listed on the platform.

Green Gram

Though not a regular feature in Indian kitchens, Green Gram is gaining popularity as a pulses export from India to Bahrain. Usually used as animal feed, Green Gram is also consumed by humans across many Asian countries. Like other pulses exported from India to Bahrain, Green Gram has numerous health benefits. It is considered rich in both fiber and protein and is known to promote heart health. Most recently, studies have linked consumption of Green Gram with improved blood pressure levels and reduced cholesterol. Since it cooks quickly and contains lots of nutrients, Green Gram is gaining popularity amongst chefs in regions outside of Asia. Whether you enjoy it boiled or fried, you’ll find it an easy addition to your diet—and good news for entrepreneurs who want to buy bulk pulses: it comes cheap!

Red Gram

One of five types of pulses produced in India, red gram is produced throughout central and southern Asia. Depending on where it’s grown, red gram is usually called either chickpeas or Bengal gram. Red gram exports can be eaten boiled, fried, and split (chana dal). Chickpeas are high in protein and fiber but low in fat and sodium; they also have a very low glycemic index rating—which means they are more slowly digested and don’t cause sharp spikes in blood sugar levels—making them great for diabetics as well as weight-loss diets.

If you are looking to import pulses from India to Bahrain, the best option is to procure it through Tradologie.com. The platform offers pulses directly from the manufacturers without any middleman involvement.

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