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5 Things To Consider Before Buying Bulk Sugar

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Bulk Sugar

Sugar (Sucrose) is known to provide sweetness to food and is one of the most commonly traded agro-commodity worldwide. When it comes to trading sugar, the quality of sugar can be classified in 2 varieties, raw, and refined sugar. 

Raw Sugar is not exactly raw. Any sugar that has been through the first cycle of crystallization at a sugar mill is known as partially purified sucrose or raw sugar. It means that all the impurities of sugar are not removed in the first stage i.e.there is higher content of molasses and impurities which is yet to be refined. It is most commonly bought in bulk by food processors for use in production as it is not suitable for human consumption. 

Refined Sugar has been through 2 stages of crystallisation, first at a mill, then at a refinery, making it purer in comparison to its raw counterpart. The white crystalline appearance is due to the less molasses present in refined sugar. Raw sugar is melted to remove impurities and essentially purified twice resulting in a product fit for human consumption which is used at homes and seen in shops and restaurants. Refined sugar are of 4 types- 

  • Brown sugar- molasses is added back in refined sugar after removing the impurities. Different types of brown sugar in the market are : Muscovado, Demerara and just regular brown sugar. 
  • White sugar- is another name for refined sugar which is obtained after the 2nd stage of the sugar refining process that gives it the white, crystalline appearance. Different types are caster sugar, granulated sugar and screened sugar. Granulated sugar is coarser than caster and screened is even finer than caster. 
  • Cane sugar- is made from sugarcane which is commonly found in hot weather conditions in countries like Brazil, India, Europe, China and Thailand. Sugarcane is crushed at a sugarmill. 
  • Beet sugar- is produced from sugar beet as opposed to sugarcane. Sugar beet grows in milder climates like Europe and parts of the United States. Rather than being crushed, sugar beet is sliced into cossettes-(thin slices). 

Below Are The 5 Facts To Consider While Buying Sugar in Bulk:- 

1.Product quality: Quality is of utmost importance in all commodity trading that can affect the price, legitimacy and viability of the product. It is crucial for the importer to figure out which form and variety of sugar is suitable for their needs. 

  1. Genuine Seller: The market is filled with multiple issues like fraud and delay in the process of trade. It is essential to verify the sellers before making due payments. One may verify the seller through reputable online B2B Marketplaces that verify sellers beforehand or ask the seller to furnish their original documents before dealing.
  2. Fair price: Fair price is important while dealing in any commodity in bulk. The average market price for the commodity sets the benchmark that a buyer looks for while setting the price for the purchase. The main factors that affect the sugar price in the market are changes in currency valuation( rate between US dollar and brazilian currency), government funding, weather changes, global supply, global demand and consumption etc. The price varies with different quality, quantity of the shipment and the distance of delivery 
  3. Timely Delivery: A delay in shipment can cause huge troubles for the importer. It is vital for the buyer to communicate the exact date, time, venue to the seller so that a timely delivery can be arranged. This can be a bit of a hassle. Some trusted online B2B marketplaces like ensure that the terms and conditions of the trade are followed and grievances are met. 
  4. Payment Security: Buyers want to ensure that the payments are safe, secure and are directly made to the seller as per their terms of payment. 

Why is The Right Platform? 

Tradologie is the world’s first Digital Trade Hub that addresses all drawbacks and difficulties faced by both buyers and sellers, while trading in any commodity in bulk in the local and global market. A commodity like sugar which has a high global demand, comes with its own set of problems. One may find conventional solutions to advanced problems or could make use of to ease the difficulties being faced. With 600,000+ verified global sellers,competing against themselves, ensures that one can procure sugar at the best price and ensure quality for their commodity. The goods are duly checked by the agency of one’s choice before shipping and the shipments reach as per the specifications mentioned while the deal is being set. All payments are safe and secured, they take place through Bank LC or payment on delivery of the commodity which is secured on the global B2B trading platform with 24/7 customer care and grievance support. Buy Bulk Sugar in India 


Buying commodities in bulk is always a challenge. However, simplifies it for you so that you can procure it without worries. The value propositions of Tradologie makes it the right platform for an importer importing agro-commodities like sugar in bulk.

Simplify the process of buying agro commodities in bulk with as it helps you trade in a transparent and cost-efficient manner.

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