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59 Chinese apps banned, India’s digital retaliation.

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The year 2020 has become a year of change, the survival of the fittest. China has been a super-power for decades but the world is viewing it differently now. With the Covid-19 and border tension with India, China has been criticized globally. Things overlooked in the past are getting attention now, everything is being reviewed. The government is evaluating everything Chinese, this time it was China’s digital silk route. India has taken a dramatic step to ban 59 Chinese apps, let’s find out more: 

Why are 59 chinese apps banned? 

The government banned 59 mobile applications, Chinese originated including Tik Tok, Helo, and WeChat. Stating these applications to be posing threat to India’s sovereignty and security. Furthermore, the government stated these applications engaged in activities “ prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, the security of the state and public order”. The statement issued by the Ministry of Electronics and It stated that these apps are stealing user data and transferring them to unauthorized servers outside India. The ban was imposed under Section 69A of the informational technology act. We can’t overlook the fact that this could also be due to the rising tension between the countries at the border. This move could erode the Chinese route to seep into the Indian economy and could be a cue to follow for other countries. 

Another “self-reliant” India Initiative? 

No country can ban exports, imports, or investments from other countries directly but certain strategies are adapted by every government to promote their agenda. Recently, Indian Prime minister – Mr.Narendra Modi furnished a campaign around Self-Reliant India, he spoke about the need to use domestic produce from domestic consumption. This program was never initiated to target China, however, with Chinese products bombarding the Indian market or Apps dominating the digital structure, China got targeted inadvertently. The celestial empires’ unknown  move to enter Indian borders uninformed added to the fire. 

Although, if we keep the mainland-china angle aside, the self-dependent initiative by the PM is astronomical. Indian startups or entrepreneurs have great agendas or ideas. Motivation is to streamline processes that otherwise can be complicated and time-consuming. One such application is, the ideology of this establishment is to ease the global trade. This next-gen software connects exporters-importers worldwide, with just one mobile application. Designed to procure trading commodities with just one click. Inquiry-to-delivery everything happens on this one single platform. This trading website is so cost-effective that it connects buyers-sellers from less than 3 paisa (INR 0.03) per connect. This Indian originated platform is helping traders from a remote location, connect to the world. 

The bottom line, India is known as the golden bird. Its resilience and dedication has time and again proven Indias’ will to succeed. It isn’t an easy process to eradicate all foreign products immediately but if we follow a strategic approach and opt for Indian foundation chances are with the new-world emerging after the pandemic, India could be the new super-power. 

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