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A solution for concerned rice exporters, after Iran, procures basmati from Pakistan

A solution for rice exporters

Recently, a new development regarding the Indian basmati rice export has created an apprehensive environment for all basmati rice exporters in India. Iran, an exponential importer of Indian basmati, has placed an order with Pakistan for the rice. This has created distress in the Indian basmati rice exporter’s community. Indian rice exporters are constantly trying to grow globally, as the demand for Indian basmati rice is high. Looking at the recent events a solution to cater to the Indian rice exporter’s market is required. 

Underneath we have explained the Iran and India rice trade problem, in-depth and a suggestive solution for all Indian basmati rice exporters to grow in new markets, as to avoid depending on one market for their major revenue, understand. 

Iran imports basmati from Pakistan, a problem for Indian rice exporters

Due to a major discrepancy in payment with Iran, Indian rice exporters have stalled the trade cycle. A total of 1,700 crores has been impeded by the gulf nations.

Instead of settling the dues, Iran has gone forward to place a bulk basmati rice order with Pakistan. 

Although India basmati rice is extremely renowned and in comparison to Pakistan, the export quantities are very high. Pakistan is exporting only 6 lakhs tonnes whereas India is exporting 4.4-4.5 million tonnes regularly.

Except, Iran accounts for 34% of India’s rice exports to the overseas markets and this may be a temporary phenomenon, but the glitch is troublesome for a lot of exporters. Experts believe that this kind of dependency on one nation can hinder the complete export cycle. 

To avoid such obstruction, exporters need to grow in varied international markets and create a balanced trading structure. 

However, traveling globally and handling the business back home isn’t a feasible option. 

To avoid traveling or paying a handsome amount of commissions to create a global customer base, we have a solution.

A one-point solution for worried rice exporters

Exporters face trouble conquering new markets as the expenses and traveling troubles are plenty. Iran’s recent action is concerning the exporters, as the dependency of major revenue on one market is a lot. To divert and grow, has a state-of-the-art digital structure for all rice exporters. At the platform, exporters register themselves, a seller-profile is created and then the exporter’s company is promoted to multiple buyers, all online. 

The unique feature is that every dealing between the buyer and the rice exporter is done in real-time, transparently, and is concluded instantly. 

Tradologie wanted to create a platform where exporters can create a global market without traveling or hiring mediators. In the next-gen era, using digital channels for bulk-procurement is new and 100% proven. 

Exporters should break the monopoly and target buyers world over, Tradologie has ready-to-purchase buyers in Egypt, UAE, East Africa, West Africa, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc. 

It is time to expand, sign up at today.

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