Agri Commodities can change the Agri-Commodity Market Narrative – Important Facts. can change the Agri-Commodity Market Narrative - Important Facts

 Introduction to Agri Commodity Trading:

  • The term Agri commodity is commonly used about basic agricultural products that are either in their original form or have undergone only primary processing. Examples include cereals, coffee beans, sugar, edible oil, fruits, vegetables, meat, cotton, rubber, etc.
  • The basic commodities that drive the market include eatable items, oil and gas products, solid minerals, metals, and above all agricultural products.
  • They are exchanged globally, with firms in two nations acting as the primary catalysts for the trades, while their governments provide the essential facilities.
  • The Agri commodity trading industry has grown more accessible to smaller participants in recent years.

Moreover, the world has changed drastically after the Coronavirus intervention. Surviving the virus is one thing; another is surviving its impact on the global economy.

Every nation is trying too hard to revamp the economy with some of the other methods.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted global consumption, prompting (and requiring) people to unlearn old habits and embrace new ones.

In this modern era technology has brought most of the activities to your fingertips, Agricultural commodity trading is also one of them.

Digitization played a significant role in evolving the practice of trade. It has changed global interaction remarkably.

B2B consumers have changed their minds significantly on internet sales, acceptance rates, and commitments, which are an exciting opportunity for B2Bs looking to expand.

Technology has always been the game-changer for revolutionizing trade and commerce.

For instance,, a B2B global platform emerged as the only B2B global platform which delivers the real trade between importers and exporters while the majority of platforms just generate a lead. is evolving the narratives of Agriculture commodity trade in its own way. is the infusion of trade and technology. It is the world’s only complete digital procurement solution. consistently spends a considerable amount to upgrade its technology.

Even during the tough time of the pandemic, it allows sellers to transcend physical boundaries and connect directly with international buyers.

Properties of

Transparency with Secrecy:

  • Complete transparency in price discovery.
  • Complete secrecy in trade.

Automated Process:

  • Price discovery followed by an online counteroffer, no personal dialogue in negotiations.

Performance Guarantee:

  • Compensation in case of failure of the counterparty.

Local yet Global:

  • Procure from the globe locally from your office.
  • COM is the world’s 1st Next-Generation B2B Global Platform providing enquiry to delivery trade enabling solutions.
  • In a short span of only four years, has facilitated real-time connect an actual trade-in excess of 40 Billion Dollars GMV between a network of over 3,25,000 Ready-To-Purchase Buyers across 65 countries with more than 35000 verified manufacturers and exporters working out of 35 countries.

 How Tradologie Works:

  • Tradologie’s platform allows the Brands and buyers to connect exclusively, quote prices to the buyers in real-time.
  • The Brands can quote the prices while having 100% genuine market insights while the buyers can see the whole spectrum of brands’ products and place the order after seeing the profile of the participating Brands.
  • works by standardizing buyer requirements and arranging live negotiations with verified sellers capable of supplying the buyer on the platform on standardized trade policies that allow for the trade without a phone call or e-mail through the safe conduit provided by the platform.

 Steps to follow:

  • Download App and Register.
  • Get verified to start trading.
  • Participate in live negotiation.
  • View enquiry.
  • Check counter offer.
  • Get order.
  • Facilitate inspection.
  • Mode of payment confirmation.
  • Make delivery.
  • Receive Payment.

 What does it do?

  • We enable and facilitate B2B Agri commodities trade between verified global buyers and sellers.
  • Our branded solution offers international exposure and visibility to the brands to a guild of more than 325000 verified global buyers.
  • Our intelligent and interactive platform allows international trade in a transparent and cost-efficient manner by establishing a direct connection between buyers and sellers on a real-time basis.

 How Tradologie Ensures to its Sellers?

Genuine Buyers:

  • All buy leads are vetted by AI & the buyer team before they can approach registered sellers.


  • All trades through take place on 100% irrevocable at sight LC or partial advance balance on a delivery document basis.

Seller’s Reach:

  • com has more than 3,25,000 registered buyers from 65 countries around the world which have been developed using digital marketing & ground marketing efforts.


  • By establishing direct connections between the decision-makers of the buyer’s company and the seller’s at the time when the buyer is looking to place orders.

Trade Security:

  • Conditions like Pre-Loading inspection, completion of payment obligation before dispatch & performance guarantee ensure that the seller remains secure throughout the trade.
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