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Agricultural exports on a boom, growth by 25,553cr by Q1 of the fiscal year 20-21


Substantial growth in the global export of rice, sugar, and onion has helped India elevate the agricultural sector during the first three months of the fiscal year by 23 percent. A hike of INR 25,553 was recorded against the export earnings of last corresponding year which was INR 20,735, this data was recently released by the agricultural ministry. Non-Basmati rice export went up by 70 percent to 5,800 crores in the first quarter of fiscal year 20-21, one of the highest move-ups in the agricultural sector. 

Onions saw a hike of 48 percent to INR 1,197 crore.

Although, growth in basmati rice export remained flat at INR 8,591 crore while the tea export dipped by 28 percent to INR 1013 crores. On the other hand, refined sugar export shot up by 80 percent in FY21Q1 to 3,863 crores, previously recorded export figures was 2,114 crores. 

Mustard and rapeseed meal saw a 1 percent marginal growth to INR 432 crores. 

Apart from the above-mentioned, the agri-commodities that handsomely contributed to the complete agricultural export cycles are Kabuli chana (94 percent to INR 205 crores), Bengal gram (408 percent to INR 140 crores), and tur (440 percent to INR 81 crores). You can follow the below-mentioned chart for a better understanding of the commodities and their export expansion.

Export of essential agricultural commodities from April to June 2019 and 2020

Items 2019-20 (Apr-June) 2020-21 (Apr-June) Growth
Sugar-Raw 1168.06 1616.42 38.38
Sugar- Refined 2143.59 3863.08 80.22
Tomato 10.47 13.32 27.24
Tur 14.94 80.7 440.19
Tea 1405.72 1012.51 -27.97
Rice- Basmati 8660.06 8591.42 -0.79
Rice- Non Basmati 3408.03 5800.13 70.19
Wheat 86.75 215.45 148.36
Grand Total 20734.89 25552.76 23.24

Next-Gen way to expand Rice export 

Referring to the above-stated data, the only commodity which saw growth by no means was Basmati rice. If we refer to the previous trends, Basmati rice has demands in selective countries and these countries have certain quality measures that need to be observed for exports.

Creating a targeted market for rice can be tricky. However, has tried to ease global market developments for our rice associates. 

We have designed a bulk-rice procurement channel, where buyers and sellers from all across the globe can interact and commence trade with just a simple mobile app. It saves sellers from traveling, phone calls, and assists them to target buyers anywhere in the world.

For all basmati rice sellers, struggling to attract more buyers, you can understand our work mechanism by either downloading the app or visiting the website. 

Indian agriculture export enhancement is a great deal as the Indian economy is agri dominated.

Tradologie’s digital platform has also helped many rice exporters in this expansion and we strive to do the same for many more. 

We are a 100 percent Indian company, serving the Agri- community and representing them on an International platform, digitally.

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