Agro Export: A sustainable Future Revenue Model

Food is the most important human requirement and ever since the discovery of agriculture, we have relied on crop production and animal husbandry to meet all the nutrition requirements from a multitude of plants and animals which have no sustainable alternative options. Agriculture continues to be the backbone of our society and it provides livelihood to a large percentage of our population.

Agro exports can indeed be a sustainable revenue model for the future, but it requires careful planning and management to ensure that it is environmentally and socially sustainable. Trade of agricultural commodities in today’s geo-political landscape is influenced by a variety of factors such as a country’s physical geography, cultural and political history and economic and military power.

Globalization in the late 90’s opened up the world markets for producers as well as consumers. The markets expanded and as a result both producers and consumers benefited from it. Consumers could now freely import goods to meet their needs, while producers could now export the goods they were producing, increasing their profit margins. The push for globalization gave farmers’ incomes a much-needed boost and turned farming from a sporadic source of income into a major source of income for people all over the world not only for themselves but also for generations to come.

Advancements In The Agriculture Industry

​​Agriculture has now become high-tech with new tools to transform the industry thanks to human ingenuity and scientific discoveries as well as newly evolving technology. While many tools and techniques can be used to accomplish the same task in order to feed the world’s ever-growing population, efficiency and effectiveness in the agricultural process come from choosing the right technological method for the right task in order to increase output.

Today’s farms and agricultural activities operate very differently from those of a few decades ago, largely because of technological advancements in the form of sensors, machines, devices, and information technology. Agriculture has now become high-tech with new tools to transform the industry thanks to human ingenuity and scientific discoveries as well as newly evolving technology.

Modern agriculture frequently makes use of robots, drones, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images, and GPS technology. Businesses can operate more profitably, effectively, safely, and sustainably thanks to these cutting-edge tools, robotic systems, and precision agriculture. Technology advancements have played a significant role in shaping agriculture over time as a process that is constantly changing. 

Agro Exports Model

Agriculture exports are generally carried out on a commission based revenue model. In this form of transactional revenue model, middlemen charge a hefty fee for each transaction they facilitate or for each lead they send to the other party. These charges are mostly quite hefty and add on to the costs incurred by the buyer and cut the sellers profits. Other than making the business costly, going through a middleman is time consuming compared to direct communication and removes the transparency between the parties convening the trade. The only plus point would be that a buyer doesn’t have to look around for a seller and vice-versa. 

Overall, a sustainable agro-export revenue model requires a long-term vision, careful planning, and a commitment to environmental and social sustainability. By investing in sustainable practices and developing strong relationships with consumers and communities, agro-export businesses can build a reputation for quality and reliability, which can lead to long-term success and profitability.

Role Of Tradologie In The Modern Agro-World

Tradologie.com helps to connect agro-commodity buyers and sellers domestically and globally and further assist them from enquiry to delivery. A buyer can select the vendor whereas sellers get to compete and fulfill the buyer’s bulk agro and processed food commodities’ orders. All this is conducted digitally at the convenience of the parties while Tradologie offers payment security options, language assistance, operational assistance, trade security, etc., all in real time.

With the world moving towards digitization, Tradologie helps to carry out global bulk agriculture and construction commodities trade with the help of its Artificial Intelligence based platform.

The future of the trade would be carried out with ease owing to Tradologie’s objectives due to the nature of the work being the most important in the world with the ever-growing industry, without which survival is not possible.

Tradologie has over 600,000+ buyers and 70,000+ exporters of food and agro-commodities from over 100 countries in its network and through the platform, you can conduct bulk agro-trade with ease. 

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