An Innovative New-Generation B2B Platform for Commodity Trade

Four years back,  J.K.Arora, a well-known Noida-based Businessman has launched a B2B new generation platform, named “Tradologie”. At the age of 59 years, under his hard work and dedication, the platform is a huge success in the B2B marketplace.

  • Tradologie is first ever Enquiry-to-Delivery trade enabling platform. It is the first online next generation B2B platform in India where consumers can contact the manufacturers of the products directly. It facilitates the trading of bulk domestic and international commodities like Rice, Cement, TMT Saria, TMT Bars, Plywood, Pulses, Spices, and Cotton Bales.
  • In a short span of 4 years, the company has achieved a very good revenue. It generates the majority of its revenue through the trade of Basmati Rice, Cement, and TMT Saria.
  • The growth of the company with its extraordinary speed is likely to make it one of the best key players in the coming years in the international market.

Rules of Procurement on Tradologie

  • Tradologie doesn’t charge any extra cost from its valuable customers on the bulk procurement of products and the entire procurement process is highly transparent and lucrative.
  • It only allows verified sellers and suppliers who have export credentials and manufacturing facilities to become a registered seller on the platform.
  • Buyers also have the option to choose enquiry from exporters, manufacturers, millers, and traders for negotiation about the products.
  • Registered Buyers on the Tradologie platform get access to only verified and registered sellers to buy the products.
  • After completion of delivery and documentation, the seller receives payments from ESCROW or from a bank holding LC to complete the transaction.

List of Benefits of Using Tradologie

Online Rice Procurement gives business owners the freedom to make money from anywhere in the world. Presently the online platform is very popular in the B2B marketplace. Some of the benefits of using Tradologie for importing and exporting are as follows:

Reduced Cost of Paperwork

  • Being an online procurement, there is no need of a paperwork. All the details are found in one place. And one can get all the details in a structured form on the Tradologie website.

Less Time-Consuming with Increased Production

  • Online procurement takes less time than any traditional process. The work goes much faster and easier than any other process. With the help of leveraging high-end technologies, the online process makes it easy to procure bulk products according to customer’s convenient time.

Transparent Procurement

  • Online Procurement helps Tradologie to keep the transactions between buyers and sellers transparent. Both parties can access the contact details of each other without any hassle and without the help of a middleman.

No Need of Storage on E-Procurement

  • Everything can be saved and stored electronically. The processes of finding orders are very easy. No need to save the paperwork somewhere in the room where there is a chance of misplacing.

Increased Speed of Work

  • The e-procurement process eliminates unwanted tasks. On Tradologie, one becomes able to use automated technology that has accelerated and sharpened accuracy of procurement.

Zero Tolerance to Errors

  • This is a streamlined process. Each and every detail of procurement is available to view. This streamlined process helps to make the procurement without any errors.

Some Extra Benefits of Using Tradologie

  • The procurement is performed a simple manner to order bulk products online and the sellers are able to deliver the products right to the buyer’s doorstep.
  • Buyers can choose a delivery time that is the most convenient for them.
  • Online tracking is also possible in Tradologie. Buyers become able to track the order status and also delivery status by a single click.

Find the detailed information of verified Manufacturers, Buyers, and Suppliers on this completely innovative next-generation B2B platform – Tradologie. Check online for the first time at the best market price for your bulk requirement. It is a hassle-free procurement platform, on which you can import and also export high-quality products in bulk at the best price.

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