Bangladesh’s Potato Export ToRussia To Resume This Year

Bangladesh’s Potato Export ToRussia To Resume This Year

Located in Asia, Bangladesh is the seventh largest producer of potatoes in the world. The Asian nation produces nearly 1 crore tonnes of potatoes every year, out of which its annual exports is even less than 1,00,000 tonnes.

The Asian nation exports potatoes to China, India, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and several other nations including Russia. However, the country has not been exporting the vegetable to Russia lately, as the latter has slapped restrictions on Bangladesh, after the detection of brown rot disease in 2014.

Post restrictions on potato imports by Russia, Bangladesh’s government has taken several measures to ensure that the domestically produced vegetable is safe as well as free from diseases, and it is a result of all these efforts that Russia in the year 2022 has lifted the ban it imposed on the imports of potatoes from the south Asian nation.

Agriculture Minister of Bangladesh, Mr. Muhammad AbdurRazzaque said that Bangladesh will start exporting the vegetable to Russia this year, which is ultimately expected to lift the morale of the farmers and the economy of the country.

Growing Russian Interests In Vegetable Imports From Bangladesh

Russia has been the kind of market that Bangladesh cannot afford to lose and increasing interests by Russia to import vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and potatoes is a good sign for the South Asian nation.

Bangladesh’s Agriculture Minister, Mr. Muhammad AbdurRazzaque, said in a statement after meeting with Russian Ambassador to Bangladesh, Mr. Alexander VikentyevichMantytskiy that they had taken initiative to export potatoes from the country to Russia this year. He said with optimism that potato exports from the country would start this year.

He also expressed happiness over growing enthusiasm by Russia to import agro-commodities from Bangladesh. He said, not just vegetables, Russia was also interested in importing mangoes from the country.

The Bottom Line

Lifting of restriction on potato imports from Bangladesh counts as a good signal for the South Asian nation and the mere possibility that Bangladesh may resume Potato Exports to Russia this year has lifted the morale of the domestic farmers. And why shouldn’t it be, after the ban by Russia on imports of potatoes from Bangladesh in 2014, its been good 7 years of time before the restrictions have been lifted.

As it seems, if this happens, domestic farmers, people and the economy all will be benefitted as the Asian nation has faced various hurdles, right from Russia-Ukraine war to devastating floods in the year 2022 and by exporting the vegetable, it can boost both the earnings of the people as well as the economy.

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