Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice from India Tops the Indian Agricultural Commodity Exports

Basmati Rice tops the trade value among all other agricultural commodities in the market. In the current fiscal year, the country exported approximately 4 million tons of rice till date. Rice was shipped to around 120 countries all across the world. Out of these huge numbers of countries, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq hold the largest imports market for India.

Along with this, the Basmati Rice Exports market is currently witnessing an all-time high. In comparison to the last financial year, its Price has hiked 15 to 20 percent in the current fiscal year because of the early opening of the Iranian market which came as a boon for the Indian Rice Exporters.

Basmati Rice

On the supply side, the Basmati Rice Price has continued to grow consecutively for three years in a row. In the current financial year, the Basmati Rice export reached to about INR 32,806 crores. The market has attained increased growth due to aggressive purchase and procurement from Iran. Europe and Saudi Arabia are the major import countries for India, whereas, Europe has a comparatively smaller rice import market than Saudi Arabia and Iran.

India being the second-largest rice-producing country after China with a very huge production capacity, it has been an integral part of the world’s rice market as a steady exporter since early 1980s. India’s remarkable export performance coincides with the top leader in the agricultural commodity market which broke all the export records of the previous year.

Tradologie is one of the first trade enablers for the Basmati Rice through an innovative reverse bidding mechanism. The company holds a major share in the Basmati Rice Market. Plus, the Basmati Rice Price offered by the rice exporters on this platform is considered highly valuable when compared to quality and price offered through other B2B platforms.

The portal lists only the major players in the rice market, with most of them been awarded by the prestigious APEDA awards instituted by the Ministry of Commerce. Even some of the listed companies are performing very well in the rice export market for 13 consecutive years in a row. These are not small companies, but have major impact in boosting the Indian GDP.

Buy Basmati Rice with a wide variety of brands through this innovative B2B platform that not only provides you excellent service with detailed information on various Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Exporters, but also helps the bulk Basmati Rice buyers in procuring and completing rice import trade deal with ease. Interested buyers can procure in bulk from this next-generation platform as per their requirement without any hassle.

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