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Brazil May Surpass The U.S. As World’s No. 1 Corn Exporter

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Located in South America, Brazil is the leading producer of soybean in the world. Soybean is planted on vast acres of land every year and is the primary crop of the country. Once the Brazilian farmers are done with harvesting soybean, they plant corn on their fields and as the notion goes, corn acts as a second crop or “small crop” for the Brazilians.

However, over the past decade, with bumper corn production, this second crop has turned into a primary crop for Brazil. This has also helped Brazil increase its share in the total global corn production.

Brazil Expected To Harvest 95.30 Million Tons Of Corn This Year

As per estimates, Brazil is expected to have a record corn production this year. Experts believe that the country is set to harvest 95.30 million tonnes of corn this year, which will help the South American nation become the leading corn exporter in the world, surpassing the United States, a feat that the country has achieved only once and that too in 2013. This increased corn production has come despite delayed soybean harvest amid surplus rain that the nation witnessed.

Factors Behind Brazil’s Increased Corn Production

A talk with Brazilian farmers revealed that increase in prices of Brazilian corn is driving the corn production on domestic front. The opening of corn ethanol plants from 2017 have encouraged Brazilian farmers to produce more corn. Since, this second crop have become lucrative, farmers have decided to devote more area for corn production and raise productivity, thereby leading to significant rise in production.

Strong Demand For Brazilian Corn

Brazilian corn is witnessing a strong demand in the global markets. Geopolitical events like Russia-Ukraine war and climate issues in Argentina is also aiding demand for Brazilian corn. Opening of the Chinese market has also contributed to a surge in demand for Brazilian corn and with bumper corn production, Brazil should be eyeing to increase its exportable surplus.

The Bottlenecks

As per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Brazil has the potential to export 52 million tonnes of corn this year and if that happens it would potentially dethrone the United States who is the leading corn exporter in the world at present. 

Last year only, Brazil exported 31.9 million tonnes of corn and with bumper corn production is emerging as a major competitor for the US in the global corn market.

However, to ensure the same, Brazil should continue to improve its performance by investing heavily on agricultural equipment. This would help the farmers in increasing the pace of sowing and harvesting which would be highly beneficial in the big picture.

The Bottom Line

Brazil is set to have a bumper corn production this year and benefitting from increased output and strong global demand is eyeing to export record volumes of corn this year. As per USDA, Brazil is set to export 52 million tonnes of corn this year, up 63% in comparison to last year and if that happens, it would surpass the U.S. as leading corn exporter in the world.

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