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Bulk Spices Procurement – Take a Look at These Handy Tips

Bulk Spices Procurement

According to market research firms, the global spice market size has been valued at USD 5.86 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 6.5% between 2020 and 2027. There is an increasing demand for bulk spices grown organically that can help boost immunity and ensure general well-being when consumed every day. Global manufacturers are producing high-quality, appealing, and reliable products that are consistent in quality and can correlate with flavors of myriad regions. 

For retailers and suppliers, it is imperative to know about sourcing the right products. Stylish branding and smart packaging aside, it is really important to remember the following tips when procuring high-quality spices online or otherwise in bulk. 

Buying Bulk Spices: Reputation is Important when you buy spices online 

The spice industry is a complicated business that can prove to be daunting even for a person with considerable knowledge in the sector. It is important that a buyer is aware of the reputation and history before selecting a supplier or distributor. 

It is important to establish a collaborative partnership with a spice vendor. Say, you want to buy Indian spices online. It is important that you connect with a company with values similar to your standards. In instances when quality, pricing, or products are similar, the company you choose to procure spices from would depend on the common vision you share. Select a vendor with a longstanding reputation, established expertise, sustainable sourcing practices, and responsiveness towards staff. 

Be Aware of Safety and Handling Issues 

Imported spices are more susceptible to contamination in comparison to any other imported food category. Keep in mind that spices are agricultural products with a greater risk of pathogenic contamination. In many instances, spices are grown in developing regions where the food handling practices may not be up to a certain standard. Moreover, all agricultural products including spices are mostly exposed to dust, dirt, and insects, and there is a great probability of the introduction of pathogens at different instances in the supply chain. 

So, it is imperative that you ask the suppliers of bulk spices about how the spices have been treated, handled, and stored from the farm all the way up to packaging. 

Know your Source 

When purchasing bottled or bulk spices according to the demand from customers, be aware of the origin of the same. You can ask your supplier for specification sheets for each spice and herb that you procure. You need to be sure that the suppliers you are dealing with are using safe sourcing strategies. You can ask for organic certifications to determine the overall quality and authenticity of spices procured. 

Procure through

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