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The History of AMBUJA Cement and Its Benefits

Ambuja Cement OPC 53

Ambuja Cement Ltd. primarily known as Gujarat Ambuja Cement is founded by Suresh Kumar Neotia and Narottam Sekhsharia in 1983. It is a home-building solution-based Infrastructure Company that majorly deals with the production of blocks of cement.

The company has got a niche reputation in both domestic as well as international markets. With a vision in mind that cement could prove as an utmost resource needed in developing countries like India. They first invested in the Gujarat-cement plant and channelize the brand through all zest and aspirations of believing in the morals of upliftment of society and its people.

Ambuja Cement Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary chain of a global conglomerate Lafarge Holcim that holds about 61.62 percent of shares in the company. The company generates a whopping revenue of 3.9 billion US Dollars whereas an operating income of 560 million US Dollars. However, it possesses a net income of 390 million US Dollars despite having a pandemic-stricken year that has hampered the sales and production of the company. It possesses a mammoth asset of 5.6 billion US Dollars with total equity of 3.3 billion US Dollars. It has a massive four thousand six hundred and twenty-five man-power as employees.

The company has five dedicated manufacturing plants that have eight cement grinding units across the country. These plants have an extraordinary capacity to produce 29.65 million tonnes of cement. It has over 30 knowledge centers and almost 48,000 buyers, suppliers, and retailers having direct-customer-based relations with the company. Buyers can buy Ambuja cement online in bulk at Tradologie.com. It also has four captive ports to supply the material overseas. It further started new innovative products like Ambuja Cement Compocem, Ambuja Cool Walls, Ambuja Roof Specials, and AmbujaKawach. The products are viable and highly competitive in the market with much emphasis on sustainable development and the least carbon emission possible.

Three levels of excellence practices in delivering products adopted by the company are:-

• Embracing high corporate environmental policy.
• Good governance of corporate and trade practices.
• The renewable policy of supply chains.

It further assists its partners in renewable practices through knowledge centers. Safety of people associated with the projects and Quality of products are two main spectrums and ultimate focal point of the organization.

Benefits of AMBUJA cement OPC 53 grade:-

• It has high durability and strength due to the size structure and refined crystallizes structure. Thus called high-strength cement.
• Best in the economical design of the particles that firmly hold each other quite like an adhesive.
AMBUJA cement OPC 53 grade reduces steel consumption and the time required in soaking up of mixture.
• It de-shutters the forms quite early than others.
• Conduce high comprehensive strength up to 62 MPA within a month.

Thus it has been used in numerous places like concrete beams, slabs, columns, chimneys. It has applications in high-rise towers, sky-scrappers, towers, and monumental structures, large infrastructures like Dams, Canals, and defense structures like bunkers.

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