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Pulses hold a very important position in Indian agriculture as they are highly consumed foods in India. The highly consumed pulses in India are Red kidney beans (Rajma), chickpeas, soybeans, turdals, Chana dal, Urad dal, Masoor dal, etc. Now with the advancement of online technology, you can buy bulk pulses online but if you are looking forward to saving some good amount of cash, procuring bulk pulses online directly from the producers and suppliers would be the best idea. Now, you might be wondering to know how to connect with the pulses producers and suppliers. Well, Tradologie, one of the most popular online B2B trading platforms has come up with the best solution for the buyers like you who are looking forward to buying bulk pulses online.

Buy Bulk Pulses

How Tradologie Helps You To Buy Bulk Pulses At The Affordable Price-

The major portion of Indian pulses market has always been dominated by the middlemen or broker. The strong involvement of middlemen and traders between the sellers and buyers induces the high MRP price for the consumers as the price includes the high profit margin of brokers also. And, this is exactly where Tradologie comes as a big rescue for the sellers and the buyers of pulses as it has established a direct channel of communication between the buyers and sellers so that buyers can directly negotiate with the pulses suppliers, exporters and producers and procure bulk pulses with up to 20% saving on the total cost.

You can find almost all types of Pulses on the trading platform of Tradologie. From International pulses like Red Kidney Beans, Chick Pease ( Desi and Kabuli both), Soybeans to domestic pulses like Tur dal (Split Pigeon Peas), Chana Dal (Split Chickpeas), Masoor Dal (Lentils), Urad Dal (Gram Lentils)- you just name it and Tradologie gives you the flexibility to obtain the best rate from the suppliers. Not only the domestic ones but Tradologie has a widespread network of international pulses suppliers from the different countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, China, Poland, Ukraine, Argentina, Canada, Sudan, Mozambique, etc.

Know About The Five  Major Reasons Behind Choosing Tradologie For Procuring Bulk Amount Of Pulses:

No Existence Of Middlemen:

The online trading platform of Tradologie doesn’t involve any sort of middlemen or brokerages so that as a buyer, you can directly buy bulk pulses from the producers and suppliers.

Save Money on Buying Bulk Amount Of Pulses:

As you are already familiar with the fact that Tradologie provides a complete middlemen free online B2B trading platform so you will be able to buy bulk pulses with the much lower price than the brokers induced MRP price.

Whole Transparent Trading Process:

The online platform of Tradologie believes in maintaining complete transparency between the buyers and sellers. The money paid by the buyers goes directly to the seller’s account.

100% Payment Security:

When it comes to dealing online, having a payment security is an utmost important factor. Each payment between buyers and traders is routed through a completely safe escrow account.

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