Raw Materials

Steel Ingots, Billets Manufacturing and Its Benefits

Raw Materials

Raw materials are the building block of finished and semi-finished goods. Some of the common raw materials in use are steel ingots, steel billets. Raw material undergoes a complex process before it gets converted to a finished product. Steel ingots and steel billets are the main raw materials for the steel industry. Raw Materials Suppliers & Raw Materials Manufacturers have been making the most of the high demand for raw materials.

Steel ingots are a pure piece of steel that is molded and cast into a specific shape based on requirements. It is also known as a semi-finished casting product in the life cycle of steel. Through the rolling process, ingots are cast into finished shapes. The finished shape could be in the form of rectangular or hexagonal sections, channel sections and angles, plates, reinforcing bar, railroads rail, etc. There are 2 methods for manufacturing steel ingots- the classic casting method or through mechanical production. In a modern plant with a quality control mechanism at each step, ingot castings can be realized within a very short period of time. Ingot castings have an extensive application in many areas. Based on material and size, it plays a vital role in the construction industry and manufacturing of tools & construction machinery. Ingots produced by castings have a wide range of weight starting from 300 kg to 9 tons. Heavier ingots find practical application in the shipbuilding sector and heavy-duty cranes.
Steel billets are a semi-finished small piece of steel that is available in circular, rectangular or square shapes. Through the process of casting, these semi-finished goods are converted into a finished product. Billets have multiple functions including rolling into bars, rods and sections. Moreover, they can also be used for several metal processing operations like rolling, forging and extrusion. The extensive use is mainly because of its features like high tensile strength, good thermal conductivity and great durability. In modern times, billets are produced by billet mills. One conventional method of rolling billets is to use a three-high mill with box passes. The rolling billets are generally 75 to 125 millimeters square. Steel billets are used for rolling of TMT re-bars and numerous other steel products. Low alloy steel billets can be used from the rolling of CRS TMT re-bars.
Rapid development in information technology has made it easier for buyers and sellers to consult each other without the presence of any middlemen and intermediaries. Raw material buyers can now conduct trade from the comfort of their homes and offices with the click of a button. Raw material prices don’t fluctuate much because of greater transparency. Trade details can be negotiated online without the need to be physically present. B2B trade platforms like India Mart, Trade India and Alibaba have solved the issue of direct communication to a large extent. Despite solving many issues, the last bone of contention regarding the credibility of the sellers and buyers still exists. There is no fool-proof mechanism to ensure that only genuine buyers and sellers are involved in the trade. Middlemen, brokers and intermediaries still pose as a seller or buyer to dilute the value of the trade. Identifying the service gap, TRADOLOGIE.COM established its own platform facilitating bulk trade between buyers and sellers. It’s the world’s only intelligent digital platform. The platform boasts of 25,000verified sellers and 200,000 buyers. Tradologie.com has been growing rapidly with gross merchandise value in excess of ₹ 25 Billion. TRADOLOGIE.COM has successfully emerged as an alternate supply chain for exporters and importers. The Pandemic caused a wide-scale disruption to the global supply chain. There is an urgent need for a digital solution to continue the trade. TRADOLOGIE.COM has the solution to all the procurement and delivery problems for the raw material industry. It provides a separate app for both sellers and buyers to facilitate trade in real-time and on the move. Physical boundaries are transcended effortlessly to deliver high-value solutions to both buyers and sellers. The USP of TRADOLOGIE.COM is the Negotiation Platform that allows sellers to quote prices to the buyer in real-time on a reverse bidding mechanism. The seller is able to Quote Prices while having 100% Genuine Market Insight while the buyer can see the whole spectrum of sellers and place orders after seeing the profile of participant sellers (including previous orders) and negotiating with them through counter offer mechanisms. Buyers and sellers need to furnish important documents like a letter of intent and complete the Payment Obligation using LC before the actual order is executed. Seller receives the payment only after the buyer is in possession of confirmation of dispatch of the commodity (as per the signed contract). Buy bulk raw materials on Tradologie.com and save up to 20% on the platform.

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