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The History of Rockstrong Cement and Its Benefits

Rockstrong Cement

Rockstrong Cement is a younger brand of Shree stable company. Shree Stable Company holds multiple brands to cater to and target different needs of people. Some of them are Bangur Cement and Shree Cement. The Shree stable holds the top spot in manufacturing cement in northern India while holding the second spot as the largest producer of cement manufacturing in the country.

Rockstrong brand is fuelled under the leadership of Benu Gopal Bangur, designated as Chairman, and Hari Mohan Bangur, as Managing Director. Shree stable believes in renewable energy and thus has electric power plants in various places while its headquarters is located in Kolkata, West Bengal. The stats themselves shows the emergence of Shree in the market as it is listed under the top 50 companies in terms of Marking Capitalisation.

The core values of the company are encouraging integrity in the work, Encouraging receptiveness towards society, Accountability, ensuring good corporate practices with a flame of thriving passion, quality consciousness, and dynamism of the industry. Rockstrong is a private industry build on the theme of strong performance to withstand harsh environment conditions mixed with unmatched parallel quality. Rockstrong has plants in various places ranging from Beaver, Jobner, Ras, Suratgarh, and Khuskhera in Rajasthan; it has one plant established in Roorkee of Uttarkhand; while having a cement grind plant in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. The company also possesses clinker-cum-grind plant in Raipur, Chattisgarh, and a plant in Aurangabad of Bihar. These plants together have a huge capacity of generating 17.5 Million Tons Per Annum (MTPA) of cement in a fiscal year. The giant also invested in developing infrastructures like Green Power Plants Waste Recovery plants produce 81MW which is the second largest in the global markets of cement Industry.

Rockstrong cement comes under various types to meet the demands of the customer as required:

  • OPC (43 and 53) grade.
  • PPC
  • PSC
  1. OPC: – Rockstrong OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) is general cement used in concrete construction where sulfate attacks are minimum in the soil. It is most commonly used in ideal building material available in the market which contains Silicates or Argillaceous of alumina or clays and Shales in some proportion while the remaining proportion consists of limestone, chalk, clay, Marl, and calcium carbonate. The crushing and mixing of raw material through grinders make to turn into finer particles through the wet process, dry process, and semi-wet processes. Then, it is sent for mixing or blending with other materials most primarily water to form a slurry. It is then heated into Kiln for 1500 degrees Celsius to form silicate, ferrite, and aluminate and then cooled at 200 degrees Celsius to form clinkers. The mixture is then ground and mixed with gypsum to form even finer particles stored in Silos.

Benefits: – 

  • It is used for general construction purposes for making pavements, bridges, and concrete buildings where soils have suitable or normal conditions.
  • The cement possesses great resistance to shrinkage and cracking thus making it viable for masonry units. 
  • The initial setting time of cement is faster
  • PPC: – Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is prepared the same way OPC is produced. The only difference lies in the preparation of the mixture which is heated at a higher temperature of around 2000 to 2,500 degrees Celsius in Kiln and the mixture is treated with a chemical named Pozzolana, a volcanic powder found in Italy. 

Benefits: – 

  • It has more resistance to chemical attacks like alkalies, sulfates, and chlorides.
  • It has better workability and surface finish.
  • Known for higher durability in concrete structures.
  • It has better cohesion and density
  • Higher resistance to earthquake shockwaves.
  • PSC: – Portland Slag Cement (PSC), is a non-metallic cement comprised of 90% of glass ingredients. Thus, making it a combination of 40-50% clinker, 45-50% Slag, and 3-5% gypsum. The process of making the mixture is the same as OPC with a higher temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius. 


  • It has a higher resistance to chemical attacks.
  • Used for making concrete bricks that could withstand higher Richter scales of earthquakes
  • It has better resistance to cracks and resistance than PPC.
  • Best in water-resistant, often used for marines.

To buy construction material in bulk is extremely exhausting as the procedures of procuring the material are quite taxing from meetings to delays, from calls to the transportation of materials in the required amount of time becomes a dreary process. It could stretch even more when an expert couldn’t decode or decipher your requirements and wants with them. Many online portals and companies certainly couldn’t fulfill the demands of clients to serve them with supreme satisfaction. TRADOLOGIE.COM offers the best platform for arranging the bulk Rockstrong cement. Importers looking to buy bulk Rockstrong OPC 53 grade cement can procure it on Tradologie.com. The company honors time and commitment in the services they deliver which led us to set up the first inquiry-to-deliver platform in India. The buyers could have their bulk demands met through bidding and reverse bidding to meet their requirements across 120 verified sellers and over 500 cement distributors of Rockstrong cement PPC enrolled with us with location preferences to deliver material on-site.

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