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Sharbati Basmati Rice Cultivation and Trade Status

Sharbati Basmati Rice

Sharbati Basmati Rice is the staple diet of more than half of the world’s population. It is one of the most commonly traded commodities in the international market. China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Bangladesh are some of the leading producers of rice in the world. As a matter of fact, India is also the largest exporter of rice in the world. Basmati rice from India is in great demand across many countries.

Some of the leading importers of Basmati rice are Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, etc. Iran actually contributes to almost 35% of total basmati rice export. Some of the common basmati rice is traditional Basmati rice, Pusa Basmati rice, Sugandha Basmati Rice, Sharbati Basmati rice, etc. Sharbati Basmati Rice has gained immense popularity in the last few years due to its aroma, taste and flavor. The rice is preferred by buyers seeking to enjoy basmati rice, however, at a lower cost or price. Shrbati rice price one of the main reasons for its popularity in a very short period of time.

The rice is grown in the fertile plains of Northern India especially in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. It is essentially the hybrid of traditional basmati rice. The cooking method of rice is almost identical to normal basmati rice with elongation of up to 14-15 mm. the length of the grain is approximately 7.1-7.2 mm in length. There are different varieties of Sharbati Basmati Rice like white/creamy sella, golden sella and steam basmati rice. Features of all the varieties have been listed below:

Sharbati white/creamy sella basmati rice features:

  • Average length: 7mm+                                                    
  • Moisture: 14% maximum                                                
  • Broken : 2% maximum                                                       
  • Sortex: 100% clean                                                              
  • Discolor & damage: 1% maximum                                   

Taste: naturally sweet                                                       

Sharbati white/creamy sella basmati rice:

  • Average length:7mm+
  • Moisture: 14 % maximum
  • Broken: 2% maximum
  • Sortex: 100% clean
  • Discolor & Damage: 1% maximum
  • Discolor & Damage: 1% maximum
  • Taste: naturally sweet

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