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There are many buyers across the world eager to buy bulk spices from India – a country that is known as the home of spices. Indian spices come with exquisite aroma, texture, taste, and medicinal value. A long history of trading with the ancient civilizations of Rome and China makes India a favored destination when it comes to buying spices. facilitates Indian spices exports. 

Get the best deals on bulk spices 

This is a global digital trading hub in the agri-commodity and food sector that connects 500K+ buyers from 85 countries and 50K+ sellers from 20 countries in real-time. 

Sellers can use the services provided by to showcase their products; a buyer can go through the various offers on a specific product inquiry, participate in live negotiation, make a counteroffer, go through seller profiles during live negotiation, and secure the best deal. 

It assists buyers of bulk spices from across the globe to import the same efficiently without making a phone call or sending out an email. 

Why India? 

  • India is the largest producer, consumer, and exporter of spices
  • Indian spices come with exquisite aroma, texture, taste, and medicinal value
  • Organic spice farming is gaining importance in India in recent times
  • India produces as many as 75 of the 109 varieties listed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • India is responsible for more than half of the global trade in spices 
  • In the financial year 2020, Indian spices exports were valued at US$ 3.62 billion
  • The major countries which import Indian spices are the US, UAE, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, and Canada


Guaranteed Genuine Sellers: Over the years and with concerted efforts, we have been able to create a verified seller base of 50K+ sellers of myriad agri-commodities from across the world. 

Trade without Making a Phone Call or Sending out an email: We are your one-stop shop for all queries pertaining to myriad kinds of spices. You can join our growing community of importers and exporters to procure premium quality spices and that too sans any phone call or email. 

Participate in Live Bidding: A reverse bidding mechanism with sellers in real-time helps you to arrive at the no-regret price. Make a counteroffer and get the requisite quantity of spices in a transparent manner. 

Eradicate Middlemen Costs: We help you get rid of expenses related to middlemen and other traders as well as transportation costs, associated with the more traditional distribution channels. 

On-time Delivery of Goods: Bulk spice sellers registered with are genuine and vetted. They are most likely to deliver your order in time, which in turn would ensure a hassle-free trading experience. Buying spices of India online has never been this easy. 

Integrity, time efficacy, security in the money channel, and 0% damage are some of the other benefits of buying bulk spices through our hub. 

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