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Super Kernel Pakistani Basmati Rice, Production and Trade Status

Pakistani Basmati Rice

Rice is the staple food of more than half of the world’s population. The Major producers of rice are countries like China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Basmati rice in particular is produced extensively in the foothills of the Himalayas. India and Pakistan are the 2 main producers of basmati rice. Among the basmati rice, super kernel Pakistani Basmati basmati rice is one of the more popular ones.

It is grown extensively in Pakistan. The length of the rice is almost 4 times its width. The rice is characterized by superfine slender grains, sweet taste, delicate curvature and soft texture. On cooking, the rice elongates perfectly with minimum swelling in breadth.
Super kernel Pakistan Basmati Rice does not stick during cooking. The consumption of rice is extremely nutritious with a low glycemic index and gluten. Furthermore, the rice is not genetically modified adding to its health-rich features. It is one of the costliest rice and has been the preferred choice of emperors and royalty. Its mesmerizing aroma and flavor is attributed to the rich soil and pure water of the Himalayan. Super Kernel Basmati Rice is also known as the king of rice. Originally kernel basmati, it got its name of super kernel in the last 2 decade.
The name ‘kernel’ has become extremely contentious in international trade. Many export companies sell the basmati rice with Kernel tag to the utter dismay and irritation of original Pakistani traders. Recently, at the polite requests of the traders, the Saudi government cancelled the illegal registration of kernel for trademark. Timely action by the commerce section of the Pakistan mission in Jeddah helped in canceling the registration. The cancellation of illegal trademark registration will help in protecting the Pakistan kernel brand. Some of the main features of Super kernel Pakistani basmati rice have been listed below:

• Moisture content: 13% max
• Average grain length: 7.00mm
• Polishing Grade: Double/silky polished
• Broken grains: 2% max
• Chalky grains:3% max
• Foreign grains: 0.2% max
• Paddy grain: 0.2% max
• Under-milled and red-striped: 2% max

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