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Buying Construction Material Online: The Right Approach

Buying construction material online - The right approach - Building material suppliers

With the developed economy witnessing more or less saturated growth, attention has shifted to emerging and developing economies. Emerging and developing countries have shown remarkable resilience in the last few years even in the backdrop of a global slowdown. With steady growth in the above-mentioned countries, demand for swanky offices, commercial spaces, special economic zones, residential societies has seen an impressive rise.

Demand for new real estate gives rise to massive investment in construction and building materials. Some of the commonly used construction materials are cement, TMT steel, plywood, bricks, and dust, etc. Not all countries are gifted with the required natural resources to extract these construction & building materials. This is where the need for imports arises from a surplus-producing nation. Going online will through a slew of building materials exporters in India. However, not all of them are as reliable as they seem. So how does one get going to buy construction materials online Adopting the services of a trade enabler platform is a time-tested approach and produces good results.

Companies offering trade-enablement platforms have a list of verified sellers on the site with complete details. Buyers can enter specifications to the last point and post them on the platform. Specifications include quantity, type, sub-type, brand, shipment details and payment methods. The concept of reverse bidding offers a superior value to buyers. In the past few decades, the market has moved from a seller-centric model to a buyer-centric model. In the reverse bidding method, the seller quoting the minimum price is chosen to execute the deal. There is an additional window for further bargaining and negotiations. To ensure safety, buyer payment is accepted into an escrow account maintained by the company. The buyer makes the payment into an escrow account once the shipping details are confirmed. Payment to the seller is released only when the buyer receives the consignment.

Trade–enabler platform cut down the cost of middlemen and intermediaries. In absence of a user-friendly platform, chances of transactions becoming risky assume a higher probability. The material of sub-standard quality and payment frauds are some of the common occurrences for buyers. Middlemen and intermediaries do solve the above-mentioned issue. However, it is at the expense of extra commission that may bring your bottom line down. Identifying the opportunities, some promising service providers have come up with the service. Major ones are Tradologie, Indiamart and TradeIndia.

One of the prime benefits of using a trade-enabler platform is the variety of sellers available. Buyers can buy different materials from different sellers as per the convenience of one single platform. It saves the buyer from the hassle of exploring multiple sellers, going through multiple websites, and initiating a ton load of paperwork. Besides, the task of tracking logistics for different shipments has its own challenge. With a service provider, a single platform all the paperwork and logistics issues are taken by the service provider. Buyers receive the best product from the top sellers without going through the troublesome experience.

Conclusion: If you are looking to buy construction materials online, the aggregator platform is the best choice. The experience becomes much smoother and delightful with it.

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