Cambodia’s Milled Rice Exports To Europe Likely To Witness A 40% Rise In 2023

Cambodia’s Milled Rice Exports To Europe Likely To Witness A 40% Rise In 2023

Located on the Indochinese land of Southeast Asia, Cambodia is the land of great rivers and plains. The country is situated between the river trade route and overland joining India to China and Southeast Asia. As per the Ministry of Agriculture of Cambodia, agriculture is the primary pillar of the economy contributing around 24.4% to the country’s GDP in 2021. 

Owing to availability of surplus water, the country produces surplus volumes of rice every year and lately, Cambodia is seeking to enter the world market to export its rice. 

The government of Cambodia is setting out plans to represent the country as the ‘rice basket’ as well as the major Rice Exporter. Thus, the farmers of Cambodia are also working hard for the country. 

More than 70% of the agricultural land is under rice cultivation. Furthermore, 50% of the agricultural production is obtained from rice. Cambodian milled rice is famous and remains in demand and it is usually exported to European countries. 

Europe Accounted 48% Of The Total Cambodian Milled Rice Exports In January 2023

As per the record, in January 2023, European nations emerged as the primary importers of Cambodian milled rice, and the Kingdom anticipates a rise in export of milled rice this year. 

The President of the Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF), Hon’ble Chan Sokheang said that, “Cambodia is anticipating a growth of probably 35-40 percent in rice exports to the European market in 2023. Twenty European nations accounted for almost 48 percent of Cambodia’s total milled rice exports in January.” According to the CRF, the European countries imported around 17,795 tonnes of Cambodian milled rice valuing more than $13.44 million. 

As per the President of CRF, “the European market is noticing the fine quality of the Cambodian milled rice due to which the demand from them is increasing. He also estimated that the Asian mass is shifting to the European countries and developed a taste for Cambodian milled rice.” He also stated that, “We have high quality and fragrance, and we meet European chemical residue criteria.” 

Among European countries, the Netherlands imported 2,357 tons valued at $2.31 million, France bought 6,170 tonnes of rice worth more than $4.11 million, the Czech Republic 2,287 tonnes, the United Kingdom 1,669 tonnes, Spain 1,137 tonnes, Italy 1,011 tonnes, Germany 1,064 tonnes, Portugal 494 tonnes, and Greece 323 tonnes.

Cambodia delivered more than 36,900 tonnes of milled rice worth about $28.83 million to worldwide importers in January. 

China Actively Importing Cambodian Milled Rice

After Europe, China, Hong Kong as well as Macau are actively importing Cambodian rice. In January, these nations accounted for 41% of the Cambodian rice i.e. around 15,045 tonnes and earned approximately $11.50 million. As per the President of CRF, a slight decline in export to China has been observed owing to the Chinese New Year. He also mentioned that the export will resume in February. 

Cambodian milled rice was delivered to 34 countries in January. According to CRF statistics, countries such as Australia, Gabon, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, and Saudi Arabia imported around 2,189 tonnes of rice worth $2.53 million. 

Malaysia and Singapore, both ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian States) members, purchased 1,871 tonnes of milled rice from Cambodia, valuing $1.09 million. Out of the total export amount, Malaysia imported 1,748 tonnes. 

Cambodia received $92 million in earnings from the export of milled rice and paddy in January 2023. 


Owing to high production of rice and its export to the European market, the Cambodian Government along with Cambodian Rice Federation has set a goal to export around 1 million tonnes of rice in the coming years. 

In 2022, Cambodia had shipped 6,37,004 tonnes of milled rice to approximately 59 international destinations valued at $414 million. Cambodia is expecting to generate roughly $800 million per year from milled rice exports and more than $1 billion from rice-based value-added goods. 

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