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Agri Commodities Basmati Rice

Super Kernel Pakistani Basmati Rice, Production and Trade Status

Rice is the staple food of more than half of the world population. The Major producers of rice are countries like China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Basmati rice in particular is produced extensively in the foothills of Himalayas. India and Pakistan are the 2 main producers of basmati rice. Among the basmati rice, super kernel basmati rice is one of the more popular one. read more

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Agri Commodities Basmati Rice

Sharbati Basmati Rice Cultivation and Trade Status

Sharbati Basmati Rice

Rice is the staple diet of more thanhalf of the world’s population. It is one of the most common traded commodities in the international market. China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh are some of the leading producers of rice in the world. As a matter of fact, India is also the largest exporter of rice in the world. Basmati rice from India is in great demand across many countries. read more

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Agri Commodities Basmati Rice

Benefits and trade status of Sugandha basmati rice

Sugandha Basmati Rice Exporters, Buy Sugandha basmati rice from Mills

Rice is one of the main staple diets across the globe. The commodity is more dominant in the Asiatic regions. No wonder, Asian countries take the lead in their production and export. Some of the leading producers of rice are China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Vietnam. India holds the unique distinction of being the largest exporter of rice to the world. Both Basmati and non-Basmati rice are exported in massive quantity to the international market. Basmati rice is in great demand in MENA (middle-east and North Africa) countries. Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait are some of the largest importers of Basmati rice. As a matter of fact, Iran alone accounts for 40% of Basmati rice exports from India. In recent years, besides Basmati, non-basmati rice has also picked up the demand in the international market. Sugandha Basmati rice has become very popular over traditional basmati rice. Sugandha basmati rice exporters have been making the most of the growing demand to expand their global footprint. read more

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Basmati Rice Commodity Pulses Rice

Agricultural Products and Commodities Trading – Agro Buyers & Sellers in India

Agricultural Products and Commodities Trading - Agro Products Buyers Sellers in India

Rapid advancement in technology brought a fresh change to agricultural and commodity trading. A few decades back, agricultural products and commodities trading used to take place at local markets and mandis. Middlemen, intermediaries and brokers had a large say in the price control mechanism. read more

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Basmati Rice Buy & Sell Commodity

How to buy Basmati rice directly from the Suppliers?

How to buy Basmati rice directly from the suppliers

Basmati rice is one of the most sought-after commodities to be exported from India. Its variety, flavor, deliciousness and nourishment make it an ideal item for a staple diet to the end consumers. Because of its great demand in foreign markets, buyers (bulk and retail) are always willing to invest from a long-term perspective. However, lack of awareness, technology and market knowledge makes the buyer susceptible to dubious and fraudulent transactions. read more

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Basmati Rice

Tradologie is delighted to welcome basmati rice exporter,Paddy Fields onboard

paddy field is delighted to welcome our new partner onboard- Paddy fields. 

The company joined hands with us in october 2020 and we are honoured to have them as our prestigious associate. With the aim to provide fine quality rice for connoisseurs worldwide, consistently and to march excellence in the rice field through innovation.  read more

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Basmati Rice

IR64 rice and its varied qualities

varied qualities of IR64

IR64 is popular for high-yielding variety in the global market. The rice was developed by the International Rice Research Institute and first introduced in the Philippines. The top five qualities of the rice are given below: read more

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Basmati Rice

A solution for concerned rice exporters, after Iran, procures basmati from Pakistan

A solution for rice exporters

Recently, a new development regarding the Indian basmati rice export has created an apprehensive environment for all basmati rice exporters in India. Iran, an exponential importer of Indian basmati, has placed an order with Pakistan for the rice. This has created distress in the Indian basmati rice exporter’s community. Indian rice exporters are constantly trying to grow globally, as the demand for Indian basmati rice is high. Looking at the recent events a solution to cater to the Indian rice exporter’s market is required.  read more

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Basmati Rice

Know the brands, top 10 basmati rice. 

top 10 basmati rice

Basmati Rice is the world-famous longest rice grain, cultivated only in India and Pakistan. The rice is a famous world-over, especially for biryani. Basmati requires a lot of water while cultivation, making the cultivation slower and quality procurement hard. Below listed are the top ten Basmati Rice brands in India: 

Daawat Basmati Rice

Four types of rice are available in the particular brand which is very popular among rice lovers worldwide. Those are: 

  • White rice
  • Steamed rice
  • Parboiled rice
  • Organic rice

The product range includes in Daawat Basmati Rice are: read more

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Basmati Rice

TOP 5 Rice perfect for making biryani, sold globally


Over the ages, Basmati Rice has graced many happy occasions with Biryani.  Among more than a thousand types of aromatic rice, Basmati is one of the premium rice in the world. They are also known as “white pearls” in India. The rice is widely popular for Biryani lovers in the market.

The grain quality is one of the most important ingredients for making Biryani Rice. Biriyani grains should have the characteristics of long and slender with the finest aroma. The rice is perfect with these characteristics.

Basmati Rice is preferred for a number of rice recipes across the globe. The flavor of basmati gets better with age. Top Five Brands of Basmati Rice available in the market are:

  • Daawat Biryani Rice
  • Kohinoor Biryani Rice
  • India Gate Biryani Rice
  • Shri Lal Mahal Biryani Rice
  • Patanjali Biryani Rice


Daawat Biryani Basmati Rice

  • Daawat Basmati Rice is a world-famous brand in the market due to the elongation of rice. The expansion of the company in the market is more than 60 countries in the world. After cooking, the rice has elongated to 18 to 24mm long.
  • The rice is perfect for preparing several delicacies like Biriyani. Daawat Brand is certified as the best brand in the world market.

Kohinoor Biryani Basmati Rice

  • The Kohinoor brand is the most familiar brand in the world market. The brand offered the best quality of basmati rice with its authentic taste. The Superior length of the rice is perfect for making Biryani.
  • The rice is perfect for making every Indian rice delicacies. The finest quality of the long grain with high calcium, vitamins, and iron is very popular in the global market.


  • India Gate is another famous brand of KRBL Ltd. Today the company has achieved the top position in the global market. The company has a long experience of at least more than 120 years in the rice industry.
  • The superior cooking with great value in the market, its flavor, and authentic taste make anyone happy to purchase the rice for preparing Biryani Rice.


  • The Basmati Rice is supreme in quality and its unique taste makes Biryani
  •  preparation is perfect
  •  In the market. The soft and fluffy structure of the grain makes rice lovers happy around the world.
  • The supreme quality of the rice has been patiently matured to preserve its delicate aromas and making the rice world-famous for Biriyani preparation, the ideal choice for hundreds of dishes.


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