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Agricultural Products and Commodities Trading – Agro Buyers & Sellers in India

Agricultural Products and Commodities Trading - Agro Products Buyers Sellers in India

Rapid advancement in technology brought a fresh change to agricultural and commodity trading. A few decades back, agricultural products and commodities trading used to take place at local markets and mandis. Middlemen, intermediaries and brokers had a large say in the price control mechanism. read more

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Basmati Rice Buy & Sell Commodity

How to buy Basmati rice directly from the Suppliers?

How to buy Basmati rice directly from the suppliers

Basmati rice is one of the most sought-after commodities to be exported from India. Its variety, flavor, deliciousness and nourishment make it an ideal item for a staple diet to the end consumers. Because of its great demand in foreign markets, buyers (bulk and retail) are always willing to invest from a long-term perspective. However, lack of awareness, technology and market knowledge makes the buyer susceptible to dubious and fraudulent transactions. read more

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How to import/export in covid-times

import/export in covid-times

The worldwide spread of Covid-19 has achieved a phenomenal stop to action in every single significant economy, mostly the import/export in covid times. WTO has figured worldwide exchange volumes to drop forcefully by 13-32%, which has not been seen before in the cutting edge time. The circumstances are so fluid that to put a number to development projections for 2020-21 isn’t possible with the current scenario. read more

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Tur prices fall by 15% in November 2020

Tur prices fall by 15%

Tur dal prices have declined by 15-20% from the highs of October while those of other pulses, including masoor and chana, have either stabilized or declined marginally following measures taken by the government. read more

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Documentation required to export agri-commodities to Dubai

agri-commodites register

Exporting agri-commodities from India to Dubai is a vigilant process. Once you have attained the order the next step is shipping, which requires a certain amount of paperwork.

All agri-commodities require a health care certificate and country origin certificate, for all plant products like dry pea, vegetables, and fruits, and so on, a special certificate called the Animal and Plant Health Inspection certificate would also be needed. read more

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How to Start Edible Oil Export and a smooth way to approach buyers?

How to export edible-oil and find buyers?

Any Edible-oil export business is a lucrative opportunity. Small scale or new businesses in India feel exporting oil as a hard task to accomplish, however, In reality, initial paperwork requires your highest attention, approaching buyers and shipping is a cakewalk now. Sometimes people are clueless on how to even start edible-oil export but not anymore. Below we have gathered all the information, step-by-step for your better understanding about edible-oil export. These following steps will help you draw your plan of action, effectively. read more

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Beneficial government schemes for cotton bales exporters

cotton bales exporters

Since ancient times, India has been a leading producer of raw cotton, cotton bales, or cotton-based products. The cotton industry is the largest organized sector in the country. For the past four decades, financially 16% and industrial labor have increased by 20%. The total employment rounds up to 15 million in the cotton industry. There are 1,719 mills in India out of which 188 mills are under the public sector, 147 mills under the cooperative sector, and 1,384 are in the private hands.  read more

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The government lifted the export ban from a selective variety of onion, Krishnapuram and Bangalore rose

onion lift from Krishnapuram and Bangalore rose

Last month in September, the government banned the onion export to cater to the demands of the Indian market. A shortage of supply in the country led to a global supply ban. Easing the ban, permission to export Banglore rose and Krishnapuram onions were granted with certain conditions. read more

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Buy & Sell Commodity

Top 5 Profitable Export Business Ideas


Indian commodities are exported globally, as the demand is ecstatic. One of the sectors in India, which has a global demand is agricultural goods. India is a farming community and now a lot of people are moving back to farming or indulging in agri-community, even after high-end studies.  read more

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ICUMSA 45-A Good Ingredient for Daily Meals

ICUMSA 45 Sugar contains good amount of calories that provide instant energy to body. Hence it is considered very good for human health and used as an ingredient in meals regularly. ICUMSA 45 is also renowned as “Brazilian Sugar” in the global market.

ICUMSA-45 Sugar – Health Benefits

Some of the health benefits of consuming sugar are as follows:

  • The human body requires energy for its movement. Due to the absence of nutritious compounds in the sugar, it is useful as an ingredient in the meal.
  • The sugar also helps to maintain diabetes. The moderate use of sugar in everyday life can be helpful to be free of diabetes.
  • ICUMSA 45 also has an effective benefit for skin health. It helps maintain your skin glow. Consuming sugar helps to eliminate blemishes and restoring the balance of oil in the skin.
  • This natural ingredient is quite helpful for maintaining body metabolism as well.
  • The ICUMSA sugar has a great benefit to maintain body insulin. Normal sugar harms the leptin hormone of the body which makes a disturbance in body metabolism. However, ICUMSA 45 has a good effect on the glucose level of the body.
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