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Benefits of E-procurement and the World’s only bulk E-procurement platform

Benefits of E-procurement and World’s only platform

Online Acquisition is also known as “E-Procurement”.Presently, The Electronic Procurement Process is in demand because the process of purchase and sales of products through the internet without any broker and the procedure of procurement are sparing. read more

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Buy & Sell Commodity

Top 5 Profitable Export Business Ideas


Indian commodities are exported globally, as the demand is ecstatic. One of the sectors in India, which has a global demand is agricultural goods. India is a farming community and now a lot of people are moving back to farming or indulging in agri-community, even after high-end studies.  read more

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What does the Soundness of cement mean and the causes of Cement becoming Unsound?


=&0=& can be a tricky tale, it has to be concrete and sturdy for long-lasting structures. Certain factors determining the need to =&1=&are quality, texture, impurities, and soundness. Soundness is one of the major factors that need to be attended before buying cement in bulk. Underneath we have explained what does soundness mean and causes it becomes unsound, read through:


The soundness of concrete is the property of solidified bond glue experiencing an extensive change in volume in the wake of setting without postponed ruinous development. This dangerous development is caused by intemperate measures of free lime or magnesia. This adjustment in volume may cause a crack and break down of cement. The soundness of the bond can be checked by utilizing the Le-Chatelier’s apparatus. Soundness is the only volumetric difference in the concrete. Presents of chemicals, for example, CaO, MgO will respond with the water shown in the bond glue and it will expand the volume of cement glue while solidifying. It might make breaks in the building maintain a strategic distance from that it is necessary to discover the soundness of concrete before utilizing that. It might fluctuate to each kind of bond even for each clump. Soundness ought not to surpass 10 mm for OPC.

The solidified property of cement or mortar is for the most part affected by the property of concrete. Ordinarily, once the solid or mortar get solidified, they don’t go under extension or constriction. i.e. the volume of cement or mortar does not change once they are set. The soundness of the bond is a critical property. Soundness alludes to the capacity of bond glue to hold its volume after it has to get solidified.

After the drying of bond mortar or solid, it ought not to experience any obvious change in volume. On the off chance that it does, it will cause extension/compression on drying. Therefore, there are odds of improvement of breaks. Pointless development or constriction happening because of deterioration is called an unsound bond. The unsound bond can make genuine inconveniences the sturdiness of structures when such concrete is utilized. A decent unsound bond never goes under any volume changes once it sets and there is no extension or withdrawal in the wake of drying.


Ordinarily, because of the nearness of free lime (CaO) or magnesia (MgO) in bond, the glue extends after it has set which likewise impedes its quality. Hence, Portland bond details constrain the nearness of free lime and magnesia in concrete substance. Amid the assembling procedure of concrete, crude materials are nourished into the oven. Different crude materials like lime (Cao) and some acidic oxide blended inside the furnace. On the off chance that consuming and cooling forms are not acceptable, the abundance lime will stay in a free condition. This hard-consumed lime hydrates gradually and slaked lime involves the bigger volume than the first free calcium oxide. The moderate hydration process thusly influences the solidified property of mortar or cement. The distinction of hydration rate between free lime and slaked lime prompts a change in the volume of mortar or cement. The bond which shows this sort of development is depicted as unsound.

A bond can likewise be unsound because of the nearness of magnesium oxide (MgO), which responds with water in a way like lime. The third compound at risk to cause extension is calcium sulfate (CaSo4). For this situation, calcium sulfoaluminate is shaped inside the oven. It might be reviewed that a hydrate of calcium sulfate – gypsum is added to concrete clinker keeping in mind the end goal to avert streak set. In any case, if gypsum is available in an abundance sum it will respond with C3A amid setting and unsoundness as a moderate development will come about. Thus, as far as possible entirely the measure of gypsum can be added to the clinker. The breaking points are well erring on the side of caution the extent that the threats of unsoundness are concerned.


As mentioned above portland cement is one of the =&6=&

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Indian Rice Export Price Rise, a Global Complications, Know More.


Indian rice has a great global demand, both basmati and non-basmati. =&0=& in the first quarter of the year 2020 edged higher even when the whole world was under lock-down. However, recently due to surging corona virus cases and hammered =&1=&, broken parboiled variety rose by 5% to $383-$389 per tonne, within a week from $382-$387. Exporters are unable to complete the demand-supply cycle due to the limited availability of containers and workers at India’s biggest=&2=& port, Kakinada, in Andhra Pradesh. 

The unavailability of containers and workers is because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. India is the worst-hit country after the USA and Brazil with 30 million cases. The fear to resume work in the pandemic situation is keeping the workers away from the port and containers are restricted in different countries because of varied lock-down policies, causing turbulence in the complete supply-chain.

This =&3=&discrepancy has disturbed the complete =&4=&cycle globally, Indian rice has always been in high-demands and countries are now going out of stock due to delay in shipments.  

Another valid reason that exporters are struggling with the procurement of containers is limited contacts, all exporters have a traditional supply-chain, with previously set forwarding agents. Forwarding industry unfortunately has multiple mediators, leading to price-rise and delayed shipments. The restricted supply-chain can also be an underlying reason for the delays and higher prices.

Underneath we have a suggestive way that can be beneficial for all

bulk rice suppliers read more

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Cement Construction Material Knowledge Base

Uses Of Cement and Ways to Buy Bulk Cement Online


The very first civilizations that included =&0=& for construction were the Assyrians and Babylonians. Earlier, stones have been invariably used as a construction material with lime as the binder. Archaeological findings suggest that Egyptians used gypsum and lime as a constructional material in the world-famous pyramids. Isaac C. Johnson in 1845 was the first to find cement by burning limestone and clay together at a very high temperature and forming a clinker. This cement was later used as a prototype for the modern Portland cement, which is one of the =&1=&in recent times.

After its invention, a gradual improvement in the quality of =&0=& was achieved by researchers in the U.S.A., U.K., France, and Germany.

Cement is an adhesive material, capable of bonding particles of solid matter into a compact sturdy and durable mass. Cement has various types, one such classification is hydraulic and non-hydraulic. 

  • Non-Hydraulic Cement: It does not harden in water as non-hydraulic lime or material like Plaster of Paris is unstable to set in water.
  • Hydraulic Cement: It does set and harden in water easily, hydraulic cement gives surface stability and sturdiness it requires. This cement is only required for big constructions and is the kind of cement bought directly from the manufacturer, as to attain it at cheaper rates. E.g. Portland cement. 

Bulk Cement can be assembled either from natural stones or artificially, with the help of calcareous and argillaceous materials.  Some of the natural cement are Roman cement, Pozzolana cement, and Medina cement. Portland cement and other special cement classify as artificial cement. 


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Agricultural exports on a boom, growth by 25,553cr by Q1 of the fiscal year 20-21


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India to Surpass other Nations, to Enter Top 5 Countries for Agriculture Export.


Indian Society is a great representation of unity in diversity. Indian agriculture sector signifies this diversity efficiently. Every state is famous for different crops and finally Indian crops are getting recognition worldwide. Recently a report issued by WTO stated that India is most likely to surpass other Nations and elevate to the top 5 nations for Agriculture Export. Some government initiatives have helped with this export advancement. Lets understand the WTO report and Government Initiatives all below.  read more

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How to start meat export in India, learn the basics.

Any meat business sees export as a lucrative opportunity. Small scale or new businesses in India feel exporting meat as a hard task to accomplish. In reality, initial paperwork requires your highest attention, approaching buyers and shipping is not at  all a cakewalk. Sometimes people are clueless on how to even start with any new venture. Below we have gathered all the information, step-by-step for your better understanding about meat export. This will help you draw your plan of action, effectively.


Foremost, before commencing export, you need to get your paperwork on point. Two most important requirements are

  • Company registration – it is a certificate issued by the govt. of India, which signifies your business credentials and authenticity. Registration certificate has all your company details, address, owners, etc. in one place. It just signals, your business is genuine and any transaction you make is recorded by the government. Anyone looking to purchase from overseas needs such documents, as they wouldn’t physically visit you and can trust you if government-issued certifications are complete.
  • IEC code- also known as the import or export code, with company certification this is a code issued to you by the foreign trade department. IEC code is a number issued to you and all your foreign transactions are recorded against this assigned number. It is a 10 digit code with lifetime validity. Getting an IEC code is an inevitable step before exporting meat.
  • Meat export license- the third most important certificate for exporting meat is the meat export license. It is issued by the department of agriculture,water and the environment grants. The department ensures all the guidelines are followed as meat export has numerous standards to abide too. Gulf countries don’t entertain suppliers without the meat export license. 
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    59 Chinese apps banned, India’s digital retaliation.

    Tradologie-Indian originated B2B Trading platform

    The year 2020 has become a year of change, the survival of the fittest. China has been a super-power for decades but the world is viewing it differently now. With the Covid-19 and border tension with India, China has been criticized globally. Things overlooked in the past are getting attention now, everything is being reviewed. The government is evaluating everything Chinese, this time it was China’s digital silk route. India has taken a dramatic step to ban 59 Chinese apps, let’s find out more:  read more

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    Cement Construction Material

    Effortless ways to procure Non-Trade cement

    Cement is the principal commodity of any foundation. Cement comes in different categories, grades and has varied properties. In India,. Cement is differentiated mostly on the quantity requirement, as Trade or non-Trade. To understand how to purchase non-trade cement its first important to address the meaning and difference between the two.  read more

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