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Global Basmati Rice Export Market Growth

Indian Basmati Rice Market is always hiked in the global market. Due to the huge demand from Iran, the rice market has significant growth in the past two years.

On the supply side, Basmati Rice Prices continued to firm up for three years in a row. The most demanding countries of the rice are after Iran is the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. read more

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How to Start Rice Export Business In India?

To start A Rice Trading Business These Two Steps are Mandatory for All Traders in Rice Industry which are:

  1. Company Registration
  2. IEC Code

Registration Process for the Company Name

Before starting the global rice business, the first step is the registration of the company in order to export rice from India. The duration of the process is approximately 20 days. After completion of the registration process, the company should have a PAN no. and the duration of getting the PAN no. is almost 40 days. read more

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