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Chickpeas Production And its Benefits of Consumption

ChickpeasChickpeas are also known as garbanzo beans and are a part of the legume family. Though the commodity has become popular recently, its history dates back to a thousand years in the land of middle-east. In India, it is one of the most common vegetable ingredients. Some of the leading producers of chickpeas in the world are countries like India, Australia, Turkey, Russia, and the USA. Owing to its nutrition and great health benefits, it is finding acceptance among the foreign population. As a matter of fact, chickpeas have emerged as one of the five leading pulses based on sales value. For the past few years, India has been the leading producer of chickpeas. In the year 2018, the country produced almost 11 million tons. Australia accounted for almost 2 million tons while the total global production stood at approximately 18 million tons. Australia, Canada, and Argentina are some of the leading exporters of chickpeas. In India, states with a high volume of chickpeas production are Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. Based on high domestic demand, many suppliers have started trading online. Customers can buy chickpeas online without the need to be physically present.   Some of the benefits of chickpeas are listed below-

  1. Appetite controller: Consumption of chickpeas helps in controlling frequent appetite. A good amount of protein and fiber present in chickpeas helps in slowing down the digestion process. Protein presence also helps in reducing appetite-inducing hormones in the body. Fiber and protein work in synergy to make the consumer feel fuller. Once the consumer feels full, the calorie intake automatically comes down. The experiment conducted on the consumption of chickpeas and white bread conclusively favored the result in favor of the chickpeas.
  2. Rich source of nutrients: Chickpeas are a rich source of energy-boosting nutrients. There are also vitamins and minerals present in abundance. A 1-ounce, 28gram serving has the following nutrients- Calories-46 gm, Carbs-8gm, Fiber-2gm, Protein-3gm, Folate-12% of the RDI, Iron-4% of the RDI, Phosphorus-5% of the RDI, Copper-5% of the RDI, and Manganese-14% of the RDI. RDI stands for recommended dietary intake.
  3. Helps in weight control: Chickpeas have a very low-calorie density. Past results have definitely proven that a person with low-calorie foods is more likely to lose it and maintain it when compared to high-calorie food. Moreover, protein and fiber also help in weight management by controlling appetite and stopping the unnecessary intake of food at a regular interval. Regular consumer of chickpeas has a 53% chance of being less obese and lower body mass index.
  4. Regulated blood sugar level: Constant consumption of chickpeas also helps in regulating blood sugar levels. The item is very low on the GLYCEMIC index that decides the rate of blood sugar rise after a meal. Food with a low GLYCEMIC index has been effective in controlling blood sugar as per various studies.  Fiber present in chickpeas helps to slow down the absorption of Carbohydrates responsible for spikes in blood sugar levels. Protein-rich food also helps in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels with type-2 diabetes.

Trade and technology go hand in hand. Technology has always been the enabler of fast and rapid trade. The advent of the internet and digital platforms transformed the way businesses are conducted. It has been only around 20 years before internet technology started changing our life. However, today we cannot imagine business and trade transactions in absence of a digital platform. Understanding the requirements of connecting global buyers and sellers, many trade platforms came up with some wonderful innovations. Popular B2B platforms among them are India Mart, Trade India, Alibaba, etc. 

In the first phase of the B2B trade revolution; these platforms successfully connected global buyers and sellers. Trade could be conducted from the comfort of your offices without the need to be physically present. Customers could purchase bulk chickpeas online from producers. However, with time sellers and buyers wanted more from the platforms. Problems of middlemen and intermediaries still persisted and real buyers and sellers could not receive the full value of a seamless trade. Besides, the platform was unable to address the problem of end-to-end solutions like payment security, delivery, and logistics issues. Identifying the service gap, TRADOLOGIE.COM established its own intelligent platform.

The platform boasts 25,000 verified sellers and 200,000 buyers. has been growing rapidly with gross merchandise value in excess of  25 Billion. TRADOLOGIE.COM has successfully emerged as an alternate supply chain for exporters and importers. Buyers can buy bulk Mung Bean (Green Gram) online directly from manufacturers through its platform. The Pandemic caused a wide-scale disruption to the global supply chain. There is an urgent need for a digital solution to continue the trade. It provides a separate app for both sellers and buyers to facilitate trade in real-time and on the move. Physical boundaries are transcended effortlessly to deliver high-value solutions to both buyers and sellers.

The USP of TRADOLOGIE.COM is the Negotiation Platform that allows sellers to quote prices to the buyer in real-time on a reverse bidding mechanism. The seller is able to Quote Prices while having 100% Genuine Market Insight while the buyer can see the whole spectrum of sellers and place orders after seeing the profile of participant sellers (including previous orders) and negotiating with them through counter offer mechanisms. Buyers and sellers need to furnish important documents like a letter of intent and complete the Payment Obligation using LC before the actual order is executed. Seller receives the payment only after the buyer is in possession of confirmation of dispatch of the commodity (as per the signed contract). Purchase bulk Chickpeas online from suppliers on TRADOLOGIE.COM and save up to 20% on them.

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