Explore Food & Beverages in Dubai Gulfood Exhibition 2022

Gulfood Exibition 2022

Gulfood exhibition 2022 is the most prestigious trade fair in the food and beverages industry. This largest annual exhibition attracts professionals who want to source the latest products, understand market trends, and connect with global suppliers. The event is scheduled to be held between 13 to 17 February 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Be there or miss out on all the important developments!

Gulfood Exhibition 2022 – One event. Many Answers.

The event will be attended by food business owners, restaurateurs, Michelin star chefs, government and food procurement officials, policymakers, and other players in the food industry. Visitors and participants can be a part of the trade show and get insights into food product sourcing, lead generation, networking, and also the future of the food & beverages industry.

The five days of Gulfood will be packed with activities and programs to keep the industry engaged. Participants can sign up for the biggest matchmaking program designed for Gulfood industry leaders and peers. They can connect with top buyers and exercise the power of one-on-one meetings. They can explore new markets and start conversations with over 5000 suppliers from 198 countries across the world. They can discover new marketing opportunities from far-flung areas of the globe. Newly established businesses can gain knowledge by participating in seminars from professionals and food experts. They can also get to enjoy a wide variety of cuisines from different parts of the world, and learn about innovative gadgets used to prepare the same.

Gulfood Trade Exhibition – Overview of Exhibitors

The trade fair in Dubai will be attended by a large contingent of food companies and foreign exhibitors. Some of the prime items of exhibit at this event are Beverages, Bakery products, Dairy supplies, Canned food, Chilled edible items, Poultry products, Meat, Organic food items, Juices, Milk, Tea and coffee, Carbonated drinks, Cleaning equipment, Storage units, Hospitality Services, Refrigeration units, Display systems, Tableware, Food machinery, Additives, Food Ingredients, Processing tools, Packaging solutions, Restaurant equipment, Sweeteners, Food preservatives, Vitamins, proteins and minerals, Safety equipment, Flavors, Starches, Food accessories, Fats and oils, Emulsifiers.

Gulfood Zero Waste

This event at the Gulfood Exhibition will address the very relevant issue of food wastage. According to the latest reports of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN-FAO), as much as one-third of the world’s food is wasted, which can be equated to 1.3 billion tonnes annually at a cost of $1 trillion. This leads to loss of nutrients as well as loss of the resources that had gone into the making of the food products.

As part of the Gulfood Zero Waste, chefs from 30 UAE restaurants, cafes, and dark kitchens will be talking about and demonstrating the use of sustainable practices using the local produce as part of off-site workshops and masterclasses. Food waste will also be collected from exhibitors and live cooking stations and sent for compost production.

Gulfood Top Table

This is another new addition to Gulfood 2022, where award-winning chefs and food influencers will set the pace in creating exotic dishes. More than 70 chefs from 50 restaurants will be a part of this event and cook more than 1,000 culinary creations across the five days of the exhibition. Industry professionals, media personnel, and global trendsetters will be there to take the culinary experiences to new heights and influence the way the world looks at food today.

Be there at Gulfood Trade Exhibition Dubai and join in the discussions on the future of F&B with the experts. Register with the exhibition to learn about new and innovative changes in the food sector.

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