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Ways to Export Basmati Rice from India to UAE

Export Basmati Rice from India to UAE

Basmati rice is exported to UAE from India via sea mostly. Ocean shipping of basmati is through container (LCL and FCL). Nothing is perfect so both modes of transportation (LCL and FCL) of basmati have merits and demerits. LCL or less than container load is cheap way of transporting freight from India to UAE but in this mode container space is shared. FCL or full container load is also cheap and at times it is cheaper compared to LCL. Benefit with FCL is that container can be sealed by the exporter.

We at facilitate seamless export of basmati rice to UAE. Exporters just need to register on the platform and start exporting. This platform has earned a name among basmati exporter community and is called basmati rice online B2B marketplace. Some mandatory requirements to export basmati rice from India to UAE includes DGFT registration, import export code, ISO certificate, FSSAI license, GST registration, company registration and company pan.

UAE Seaports Available for Basmati Rice Exports

  • Port Jebel Ali: This is an important port for basmati exporters. Mina Jebel Ali is an important port in Dubai. It was built in 1970 to cater to cargo and container traffic load of Mina Rashid and steadfastly left behind all neighboring ports in terms of shipments. This is the busiest port in Middle East and ninth busiest in the world. Thus its importance for basmati rice importers and exporters can be understood. This port is well connected to the city of Dubai and Dubai international airport. Cargo capacity of this port is 22.4 million TEUs. The port services ships from as many as 150 ports. Container terminals are currently divided into three zones, T1, T2 and T3 but T4 zone is also planned. T1 is busiest terminal. This port is a preferred one for basmati exporters who export to Dubai. This port is operated by DP world, a big logistics company. This port has helped Dubai to become a hub for re-export of Indian basmati. Jebel Ali port has played a very important part in making Dubai the logistics capital of this world. It has made Dubai a shipping hub. Jafza (Jebel Ali Free Zone), which is logistics hub in its own right (total space is 3.85 million sq meters). It has 92100 square meter warehouse space and 2300 square meter office space. Jebel Ali has one of its kind sea-land-air logistics corridors. Seamless movement of cargo from sea to air sans customs checks is possible here as this jebel ali sea-land-air logistics corridor falls in single customs bonded area. Still trade barriers exist and to remove such trade barriers, some new initiatives like introduction of WLP (World logistics passport) have taken. This will be helpful in basmati exports too. A unique initiative, WLP is all inclusive freight loyalty program, that is meant to strengthen global supply chain by enhancing operations of trade routes that already exist and creating new routes in entirety, to facilitate seamless trade between nations.


  • Port Khalifa: This is a leading port in Abu Dhabi and generates noteworthy cargo and container traffic. It is meant to take the load off Mina Zayed. This port has been equipped with customs, immigrations, inspections and security systems. Inventory stacks are totally automated and container terminal is semi automated. This port is giving due importance to automation. It is preferable for basmati exporters and importers. USP of this port is connectivity. It is directly connected to 70 international destinations and about 25 shipping lines are served by it. ‘Abu Dhabi ports’ is forging international partnerships to make Abu Dhabi a leading shipping hub in UAE. Port Khalifa based largest Middle Eastern freight station will be operated by CSP (Cosco shipping ports). This freight station is spread in an area of 275000 square meters. Abu Dhabi Ports has also stuck an agreement with Autoterminal Barcelona to form a joint venture Autoterminal Khalifa. This port is meant to make Abu Dhabi a general cargo and container traffic hub. This port is competitor to port Jebel Ali and a very important port for basmati rice exporters.


  • Port Khalid: This is major port of Sharjah and handles cargo that includes bulk, liquid, dry and containers. It has storage facility for every kind of goods. Cold storage, reefer storage zones and bulk cargo holding areas are available. This port is preferable for basmati exporters.
    Mina Rashid- This port handled container and cargo traffic before port jebel ali took over cargo and container traffic from it. Now it is a passenger and cruise port. This port is not of great importance for basmati exporters.


  • Mina Zayed: This deepwater seaport of Abu Dhabi has been operational since 1972. Container handling of this port is being transferred to Port Khalifa. This port is an option for basmati rice exporters.


  • Mina Al Hamriyah: This Dubai port is also not a port of importance for basmati exporters and importers. It mainly handles passenger traffic and fresh and frozen food, fish and livestock imports.

Traditional vs. online export of Basmati rice from India to UAE

Nowadays large numbers of bulk basmati rice traders prefer to export and import basmati rice online rather than export and import through traditional ways. is offering excellent services to such exporters. agro commodities B2B platform is a top notch B2B platform for importing rice from India and so popular among basmati rice importers that they call it online basmati rice B2B marketplace. This is an enquiry to delivery B2B platform. Every deal starts with posting of enquiry by a buyer and ends with delivery and release of payment. This B2B boasts of one of the largest databases of buyers. Tens of thousands of buyers are registered on this platform. The platform is distinguishable from lead selling shops. first confirms the seriousness of a buyer by getting 1% performance guarantee deposited. Only after gauging the seriousness of the buyers intimates sellers about the enquiry. This B2B platform is registration worthy for every exporter of basmati rice.

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