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Exports Of Potatoes For Processing From India are Up By Over 40% YoY

Exports Of Potatoes For Processing From India are Up By Over 40% YoY

India is one of the top producers and consumers of potatoes in the world. It is also the 3rdlargest exporter of fresh potatoes in the world and the Asian country mainly exports potatoes to Sri Lanka, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Latest Data Indicators 

The export of potatoes for the purpose of processing from India is up by over 40% on a year-on-year basis as the recent data show that from January to September 2022, the country exported around 153,000 tonnes of fresh or refrigerated potatoes considered suitable for the purpose of production of potato chips. 

This corresponds to an increase of 42% in comparison to the previous year and a look at the figures reveals that the largest amounts were exported in March (27,000 tonnes) which was followed by June. 

The Top Countries Importing Indian Potatoes 

The top countries importing fresh or refrigerated potatoes from India in the year 2022 were the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. 

Out of the remaining, Oman imported the largest volume of fresh or refrigerated potatoes from India in 2022, with an import volume of about 35,000 tons, a 16% increase over the same period last year. 

Pricing Of India’s Potatoes 

Fresh or refrigerated potatoes that were exported from India in 2022 had a range from USD 250 to USD 550 per ton, a 25%-30% increase in comparison to the export unit price of USD 200 to USD 400 per ton in 2021.

India is also an exporter of fresh potatoes for the Table potato market, but the quantities destined for the table potato market are more limited. 

Although there is a vast scope for the export of Table Variety potatoes, the price pertaining to them is a major concern, and Pakistan and Bangladesh offer a lower price than India which limits business opportunities for the country. 

India’s Potato Production 

India ranks 2nd globally in terms of production of potatoes and the major states producing potatoes in India are Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, and Gujarat. Potatoes can be distinguished on the basis of the market they are destined for i.e. Table Potatoes, and Potatoes for Processing. 

In India, Gujarat is the major hub for processing potatoes and within Gujarat, the Northern region is well known for producing the best quality potatoes for the processing which are used in the manufacturing of Potato Chips and French Fries. The variety of potatoes includes Lady Rosetta, Hermes, FC5, Taurus, Santana, and Innovator. 

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