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Global Spice Market Overview

Global Spices Market Overview

Spices are the edible portion of plants that have healing properties and can radically change the flavor and aroma of a cuisine. It is becoming more integrated with wellbeing. The retail food producers have expanded the application of spices and seasonings to match the taste and preferences of the many ethnicities of consumers across the world, propelling the industry ahead. Here, you’ll get deep insights into the global market of spices.

The restaurant industry is the world’s largest addressee of spices. With an increase in economy, the working class and urban people, in general, are more eager to dine out and try new cuisines.

They are frequently used in packed and lean cuisines to make them taste more appetizing while preserving them for a long period. It has contributed to the overall expansion of the spice industry and will shape its path in the upcoming years.

Production of Spices:                

Asia produces 94.2 percent of the world’s spices. Among all Asian countries, India produces the most with 1.01 million tons of production, followed by Bangladesh (78,783 tons), China (68,605 tons), mainland China (67,519 tons), and Turkey (59,056 tons).

The splendor of Indian spices is known across the world that contributes to India’s dominant position in worldwide trade. India accounts for more than half of the global spice trade. Spices of India are world-famous for their aroma, richness, and texture.

International Spice Market Coverage:

The worldwide spices market was worth USD 5.86 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5 percent between 2020 and 2027. India is the world’s top spice manufacturer, and supplier.

The global market of spices soared up vigorously with the onset of COVID outbreak as there are some of them are used as immunity boosters like turmeric, ginger, and garlic has received tremendous response from consumers worldwide.

Developed economies that rely heavily on imports from emerging regions faced supply chain challenges however, as among the most coveted destinations for herbs, and spices market entry is now less impacted by the same.

Asia-Pacific is the world’s fastest-growing spice & seasonings market. China has the largest market in the continent, followed by India. The region’s weather conditions are ideal for the cultivation of different spices. As a result, the Asia-Pacific area produces the highest grade spices, attracting major corporations.

The majority of Asian countries utilize spices and flavors grown in their own countries. Additionally, there is an increase in demand for organic spices. A substantial portion of the region’s production is shipped to Europe and North America.

The majority of the supply base is focused on the Asian Region, where China and India are among the biggest exporters, with many domestic suppliers contributing to export-oriented spice. The demand for this specific commodity in the worldwide market has increased significantly in recent years, owing to global culinary trends.

Leading Spice Exporters in 2019

China $737M
India $388M
The Netherlands $195M
Germany $124M
Turkey $112M


The Biggest Spice Importers in 2019

The United States $307M
The Netherlands $169M
Germany $159M
Saudi Arabia $129M
The United Kingdom $120M


The demand for Indian spices in the worldwide market has increased significantly in recent years, owing to global culinary trends.

The slight increase in the pricing of pepper, ginger, and cardamom due to seasonal variations impacting output allowed producers to raise the packaged price for end-users.

Manufacturers, on the other hand, are catering to consumers with a taste for a combination of different spices to enter the market with innovative products. is the world’s best B2B global platform for bulk procurement of Spices. It hosts a wide network of more than 35000 exporters from 15 countries and over 350000 importers from 65 countries. Agri commodities exporters enrolled with us offer the supreme quality and best price range.

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