GOI Plans To Import 10 Lakh Tonnes Of Tur Dal This Year To Tide Over Shortfall

GOI Plans To Import 10 Lakh Tonnes Of Tur Dal This Year To Tide Over Shortfall

Tur dal, often known as pigeon peas, is a member of the legume family and has a lot of fiber and proteins. The pigeon pea plant has dried and split peas (seeds) which make tur dal. It is a staple food for Indian vegetarian families and an essential component of Indian cuisines.

Current Scenario

The Government of India (GOI), on 12th January 23, said that it has made an advanced plan to import about 10 Lakh tonnes of high-quality tur dal via private trade in the year to meet its domestic demands due to fears of shortages. Discussions on the issue took place in a high-level meeting called in by the cabinet secretary for reviewing the prices of essential commodities with a focus on pulses and onions.

Tur Dal In India

As per the initial projection made by the Agriculture Ministry, the production of Tur (a Kharif crop), has been pegged at 3.89 million metric tonnes (MMT) in the 2022-23 crop season which is down from the previous year’s 4.34 MMT.

Rohit Kumar Singh, Consumer Affairs Secretary, said that. “There may be a shortfall in tur dal production because of weather and wilt disease in Gulbarg areas (in Karnataka). The plan has been made to meet any shortfall through imports.” He also said that the country has to import about 10 Lakh tonnes of tur dal to ensure smooth domestic availability in the year  And that the tur dal imports in 2021-22 were about 7.6 lakh tonnes.

Import Of Tur Dal

In India, tur dal is imported mainly from East African countries as well as Myanmar. As per the secretary, the Government has made an advance plan and has already conducted discussions with private traders for the import of the dal. As per the discussions, around 2 lakh tonnes of tur dal have already been imported in December’22 and India shall be able to import the required tur dal as about 11-12 lakh tonnes are available in the tur dal exporting countries.

GOI is also working on easing the fumigation and phytosanitary norms to facilitate the smooth import of pulses. It has also been decided that the import of pulses would be through open licensing till 31st March’24.

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