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How to Export Dry Fruit from India Through

Export Dry Fruit from India

The world dry fruits market is presently valued at around US$ 10.2 Bn and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.5% to reach a figure of US$ 16.7 Bn by 2032. As of now, the consumption of dried fruit is responsible for around 4% to 5% value share of the global market for fruits and vegetables. Want to export dry fruit and tap into this growing sector? Register with and supply premium quality dry fruits cost-effectively without having to make a phone call or send out an email.

Dried-fruits export business is one of the most profitable ideas you can engage in. There is a high demand for different categories of dry fruits fueled by a growing middle class population along with a rise in health conscious consumers. People today are more aware about the benefits of almonds, pistachios, raisins, and walnuts, more so after the recent worldwide health scare, and this is helping push the demand further.

Want to export dry fruit? Know about the Market Drivers

  • Shift in consumer preference for healthy, nutritious food.
  • Increased acceptance of packaged food.
  • Wide application of dry fruits in dairy, bakery, snack and confectionary industries.
  • Higher demand for dry fruits with research highlighting their role in preventing diseases and managing weight.
  • Less perishability and easy to carry nature of these products.
  • Use of dry fruits in the chocolate industry.

Premium quality products are available in bulk through wholesalers across the Indian subcontinent and if you can identify a target customer group, then starting an export business in this specific category is not that difficult.

Get Registered, Obtain Permits  

The first step would be to get your business registered as a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, partnership firm, or private limited company. The next step involves procuring a trading license and additional certificates that provide assurance about the quality of your products. Food safety standards have to be met through TPCI, APEDA and other types of certifications. As an exporter, you would also need to know about the packaging and handling processes in some detail before you start.

Bear in mind that a lot of competition exists and you would need proper strategy, research, marketing, and establishment of a long term B2B relationship with buyers to carve a niche in the segment. This is where would come to your support and facilitate trading of dry fruit in different ways.

Sign up to a Cost Effective Way to Trade is the world’s first next generation trade facilitating hub in the food commodities and agri-business segment with a registered base of 500,000 genuine buyers from 85 countries and 50,000 vetted sellers from 20 countries across the world.

You can register with this platform as a supplier and get connected with reliable buyers. This trading hub will help you carry out business with buyers from countries where there is a high demand for dry-fruits and you can be sure to sign on some most profitable deals.


  • Export variety of dry fruits without a phone call or email.
  • Get orders and not just leads.
  • Eradicate middlemen costs.
  • Participate in real-time bidding with multiple sellers for the best price.
  • Get Market Insights.
  • Sell to genuine buyers.

How facilitates trade for dry fruit exporters

  • Download the App.
  • Verify yourself by submitting details such as company registration certificate, statement of nominal capital, tax

pin certificates, passport sized photos, ID or passport, past export Bill of lading.

  • Take a glimpse of enquiries i.e. requirements of the buyer with specifications.
  • Participate in a live negotiation and quote your best price.
  • Analyze counteroffers
  • Draw orders
  • Get payment acceptance
  • Simplify inspection
  • Make shipment
  • Get paid.

Key Takeaway for Dry Fruit Exporters and Importers facilitates trade and assists businessmen in the agri-commodity sector to close deals with reliable buyers from major countries cost-effectively, without making a phone call or sending out an email. This saves time and helps generate profitable business outcomes.

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