How to Import Japonica Rice from India at Best Price in 5 Easy Steps

Japonica Rice

Japonica Rice is one of the most cultivated and consumed domestic varieties of Asian Rice from the land of China, Japan, and other South-East Asian Countries. Also renowned as Sinica Rice, this Asian rice is the base ingredient for numerous popular Rice recipes including Sushi, Kamameshi, and Donburi, etc; and, this makes Japonica one of the most popular rice varieties in the food and restaurant industries all across the world. Although cultivated in most of the East and the South-East Asian countries, it is always advisable to import Japonica Rice from India to get it in the lowest price.

Japonica Rice

Being one of the largest markets for Rice, India has more number of Japonica Rice commodity sellers than any other cultivating countries. Thus, it holds strong possibilities of offering lowest Japonica Rice Price to the rice buyers and importers. However, dealing directly with manufacturers might sometimes cost you dearly. To deal with such scenario efficiently, following are 5 Easy Steps to let you Buy Japonica Rice at the best price:

Step 1: Visit Tradologie Website or Buyers App

Unlike other B2B Platforms, Tradologie gives you opportunity to directly interact and negotiate with more than 800 verified Rice exporters India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, and Pakistan at once. Thus saves you both, time and cost.

Step 2: Place Your Enquiry

Once signed in, you just need to place your enquiry with the information like name of rice i.e. Japonica Rice, quantity, preferred date of delivery, port of delivery, and also the mode of delivery, etc.

Step 3: Set Preferred Day and Time to Receive Quotes from Verified Sellers

Once the enquiry is placed, you can now set your preferred time and date to receive genuine and vetted quotes only from the verified sellers, whom the platform has already segregated according to specifications mentioned in your enquiry.

Step 4: Participate in Real-Time Live Negotiation through Reverse Bidding

Now comes the time to trade, where you participate in the Real-Time Live Negotiation with all the exporters at once through Reverse Bidding Mechanism to Buy Japonica Rice. Here, you are the only King with an opportunity to choose the rice exporter that is in-line with your terms the most.

Step 5: Make Counter Offer and Finalize the Deal

Now it’s time to make counter offer. And, once the exporter accepts your offer for the Japonica Rice Price, just finalize the deal. It’s that simple and easy!

Alternatively, you can also look for the Top 10 Rice Exporters in India or Vietnam to get a list of renowned and verified Rice exporters from India and Vietnam and initiate a successful trade conversation to Buy Japonica Rice through them.

Happy Trading!

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