How Facilitates Food Product Exporters?

Facilitates Food Product Exporters

B2B food industry has a lot of scope for improvement when it comes to innovation, overall business development, and going paperless. One such innovation is the online B2B platform for importing and exporting food products. The demand for these B2B platforms has become huge, especially after the pandemic. Hence, online B2B platforms have become the need of the hour for food products export and import. Although the trend of B2B platforms for food commodity exports is not a new concept, the evolution of technology has changed the way of their functioning. Moreover, the digital trading features, branding, and the urge to reach the targeted audience have contributed to removing the traditional way of trading. In this blog, we are going to discuss various aspects of the online B2B platform. We would also discuss an innovative B2B Platform – that facilitates the food products exporters to increase their global reach.

Comparison between Traditional Trade and Modern Trade:

The traditional way of marketing is outdated and is less effective in today’s tech-savvy world. The below table compares both the way of trading:

Metric Traditional Trade Modern Trade
Customer Interaction Personal/one to one Multiple
Demand Seasonal Consistent
Lead time Short – direct structured
On time deliveries Comparatively low focus Comparatively high focus
Product range limited Global
Order placement Based on current stock Strategically planned to meet future demands
Order Fulfillment time Can be delayed Cannot be delayed as delay leads to a penalty


Thus, it is clear that Modern trading is beneficial as compared to traditional ones. Modern B2B trading provides more business opportunities.

Business Opportunities and Innovative Solutions:

The B2B platforms not only open the global market to the users but also connect the local sellers to global buyers. Hence, it is very important to understand the modern global buyers and their needs. Understanding the modern B2B buyer is very important in order to convert them to successful quality leads which later turn into loyal customers.

The B2B platform is a vast field covering various import and export industries like food products, branded food products, edible oil industry, sugar industry, etc. Apart from the agri-industry, other import and export industries are also covered by the B2B platforms. Numerous B2B platforms help importers and exporters to expand their business across the globe. In fact, all B2B platforms are nevertheless the same, offering the same things in a similar platter. However, is something different that has been developed to change the aspect of B2B trading.

Analysis of Modern Food Products Exporters:

The trade experts of analyzed the in-depth market of food products and recognized the need and requirements of modern food exporters. With years of experience, they realized the pain points of exporters.

Some of the exporters’ pain points are mentioned below:

  • Mutual and Transparent Relationship:

The transactional relationship between the importer and exporter must be transparent. The payment and the delivery of the desired commodity must be on time. Trust, technology, commitment, information, and support build the mutual and transparent relationship between the importers and sellers.

  • Online Payment

Payment is one of the major aspects that affect trading. Receiving correct payment on time after the delivery of the commodity is one of the major concerns of exporters. Security of Payment also plays an important role.

How Facilitates Food Products Exporters:

After understanding and performing the in-depth research of the food exporters in India problems, the trade experts of the unique platform provide the solution that overcomes all possible shortcomings. The seller’s journey is made easy and more efficient. Some of the unique concepts that are implemented by the platform expert are mentioned below:

  • Direct Access to Ready to Buy Importers:

The platform connects the global buyers to the global sellers. It makes Ready to buy importers all across the globe along with their specifications knock the doors of exporters to buy the required commodity.

  • 24/7 Exhibition:

In the import and export business, understands the importance of product showcase. Thus, the product of the seller is showcased 24/7 to verified global buyers.

  • Premium E-Sales Platform:

Understanding the importance of product showcase and the digital world, we offer premium E-Sales Platform to the sellers. If you are not having any selling platform, nothing to worry about, we build it for you. The E-Sales platform is built by experts that help in showcasing as well as selling the products.

  • Enormous Global Buyers to Global Sellers Base:

The platform proudly holds an enormous base of verified global food exporters to connect to the verified global importers. Currently, the platform is having 380,000+ exporters in 75+ countries and 38,000+ importers in 18+ countries. Interestingly, the figure does not stop here, it grows every day.

  • Real-Time Live Negotiation:

Once the seller is registered with the platform and gets verified by the experts that hardly takes 24 hrs, the seller receives the verified query related to the products he deals in. The real-time live negotiation with the buyer is possible once the exporter accepts the trade query.

  • Middlemen Eradicated! Deals Finalized Without Third Person Involvement:

The supplier and buyer finalize the deal on their terms without any inference of third-person interruption in the live negotiation.

 Comparison between Other B2B platforms and

There are plenty of B2B platforms that allow to trade digitally and grow the business internationally. However, all the platforms are the same providing the same thing. However, is different from the rest. The below-mentioned table compares the two platforms from sellers’ perspective:

Metric Other B2B platforms
Order Processing Time 20 – 35 Days 24 Hrs Only
Managed By Seller Experts of
Lead Conversion Guarantee Fake Leads, No Guarantee No Leads, Only Verified Buyers
Micro site Do not provide micro-sites Provide micro-sites
Query package Limited query package Unlimited orders per month
Query Type General query or non-relevant query Get only relevant enqueries
Real time Negotiation No Yes
Payment No support for payment issue No payment issue



Before choosing any B2B platform for the growth of your business, it is advisable to check all the aspects. Research, analyze and then choose the perfect digital platform. Check the various social media platforms for reviews and customer ratings.

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