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India to Surpass other Nations, to Enter Top 5 Countries for Agriculture Export.


Indian Society is a great representation of unity in diversity. Indian agriculture sector signifies this diversity efficiently. Every state is famous for different crops and finally Indian crops are getting recognition worldwide. Recently a report issued by WTO stated that India is most likely to surpass other Nations and elevate to the top 5 nations for Agriculture Export. Some government initiatives have helped with this export advancement. Lets understand the WTO report and Government Initiatives all below. 


The WTO report stated that India with the same progress might become the fifth-largest exporter of agricultural commodities, outshining Thailand and Indonesia. 

Currently India holds the eight position, having exported goods worth $39 billion in 2019. The top two countries leading the agri exports are USA and Europe with $181 billion and $172 billion worth of exports respectively.  With regard to this growth Indian government is launching a few initiatives, helping promote farming and agri-supply sector, let’s discuss that.

Enhancing the Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s contribution 

There about 715 Krishi vigyan kendras, dedicated to the farming sector. The government is focusing on re-orienting the roles of these centers and promoting the cultivation of crops that are in demand on a global level. Also, Usage of pesticides and other chemicals increase the chances of rejection of Indian consignments, Krishi Kendra’s are guided to educate the farmers to eliminate the use of such chemicals. In addition, awareness about growing horticulture crops is a priority for the government. Furthermore, the centers are advocating the agenda for self-reliance and providing quality agro-products for exports. The WTO report covered the areas India is focusing on, India is the largest producer of Papayas, lemons, and limes, however, India meets only 3.2% of the world requirement. This is the focus department for the Government and the Krishi centers. Although, capsicum chilly, castor oil, tobacco extract, basmati rice,and  meat are balancing the export sector, as India has outperformed other countries with high value exports of these products. Every state is noticing the changing trends, Maharashtra government has approved RS 1,000 crore project for the agricultural department. The department will lend around 70% of the amount, considering the growing demand of Indian fruits and vegetables globally. 

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In all, India needs to diversify its agricultural export market with complete unity, let’s help the country grow like never before. 

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