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India-UAE Cooperation To Sow Regional Food Security

India-UAE Cooperation To Sow Regional Food Security

Gone are the days when individuals and economies believed and worked in isolation. The world we live in today, thrives on co-operation and mutual efforts. This strengthens relationships and helps to tide through tough times. 

If leveraged properly, it has immense potential to revolutionize and simplify lives and modern economies take this to their benefit. For instance, the cooperation between India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is of high significance as it ensures food security throughout the region.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is primarily dependent on imports to meet its food needs and is currently striving to meet its twin objectives. The first objective being that people have access to food for meeting their basic needs and the second being that it is ready to combat any supply chain issues.

India, remains an integral part of UAE’s ambitious objectives to strengthen food security and both the countries are set to benefit from their common points that interests them through co-operation. 

India: The Agri-Export Powerhouse

Over the years, India has built itself as an agri-export powerhouse. Using vast area of arable land and favorable weather conditions to its benefit, India has emerged as a reliable agro-exporter. Lately, it has started satiating global demand with its diversified agro-produce and acting as a responsible agri products provider has in many instances also helped developing nations meet their consumption needs. 

What has helped India achieve this feat is huge investment on food park establishments with special emphasis on modern supply chain management.

Along with this, government efforts have also been of immense help in this regard. Bilateral trade agreements and commitment by the Government of India has helped India showcase its agri-capablities in the global food market.

India-UAE Food Security Partnership

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) holds a special place for India when it comes to maintaining and diversifying its food reserves. The UAE’s largest free trade zone, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, launched an agri-trading and commodity platform to link Indian farmers to food companies in the UAE.

The partnership and co-operation between India and the UAE is beneficial for both the countries. For the UAE, along with maintaining and diversifying its food reserves, it helps in leveraging its location to serve as a gateway for exports. 

On the other hand, India gets more markets for its products, which leads to employment generation in agri-sector. It also helps farmers realise better prices for their produce.

The Bottom Line

India plays a huge role in ensuring food security for the UAE and the ties between the two proves to be beneficial for both. The UAE gets to strengthen and diversify its food reserves and on the other India gets to showcase its products in newer global markets along with the domestic markets of the UAE.

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