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India’s Agricultural & Processed Food Products Exports Up By 16% YoY For April-November Period

India’s Agricultural & Processed Food Products Exports Up By 16% YoY For April-November Period

The exports of agricultural & processed food products from India witnessed a 16% rise in the months of April-November 22 in the current fiscal year from a year ago. 

India’s Agricultural Exports 

As per the latest data released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, 74% of the annual agricultural goods export target has been met in 8 months of the current fiscal with the help of initiatives taken up by APEDA which works under the ministry. 

As per the provisional data by the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&S), the value of the overall exports of Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) products made by Agri Commodities Exporters increased to $17.43 billion from $15.07 billion over the same period (April-November) in the previous year. The export target for agricultural goods for the year 2022-23 has been fixed at $23.56 billion. 

Increase In Exports Recorded 

In the Apri-November period, growth has been recorded in the case of the following categories of products as a part of the overall growth, as per the DGCI&S provisional data: 

  • A growth of 32.60% has been recorded in the case of processed fruits and vegetables while fresh fruits registered a growth of 4%. The value of fresh fruits exported increased from USD 954 million to USD 991 million in the corresponding months while that of processed ones jumped to USD 1310 million from USD 998 million. 
  • Processed food products like cereals and miscellaneous processed items registered a growth of 28.29%. The export of other cereals recorded a growth of 12.90% with an increase in value from USD 619 million to USD 699 million.
  • Exports of pulses increased by 90.49% as the value of the exports of lentils increased from USD 206 million to USD 392 million. 
  • Exports of basmati rice grew by 39.26% as the export value increased from USD 2063 million to USD 2873 million. Non-basmati rice exports registered a 5% growth with the value increasing from USD 3930 million to USD 4109 million. 
  • The export of poultry products witnessed an 88.45% growth which rose from USD 43 million to USD 82 million in the 8 months. 
  • Exports of dairy products recorded a 33.77% growth where the exports rose from USD 315 million to USD 421 million. 
  • Wheat exports increased by 29.29% with a rise in export value from USD 1166 million to USD 1508 million. 
  • The value of exports of livestock products increased from USD 2665 million to USD 2709 million. 

M Angamuthu, the Chairman of APEDA, commented the following on the achievement, “We have been working with all the stakeholders such as farmers, exporters, and processors to ensure that quality agricultural and processed food products are exported from the country.” 

APEDA’s Initiatives 

The increase is an outcome of various initiatives undertaken by APEDA for the export promotion of agricultural goods such as organizing B2B exhibitions in various countries, and the exploration of new marketplaces with potential through product-specific and general marketing campaigns with the active involvement of Indian Embassies. Products with registered geographical indications (GI) in India were also promoted through various initiatives such as the organization of virtual buyer-seller meets on agricultural and food products with the UAE and handicrafts with the USA.

APEDA has been given a mandate for the promotion of all agricultural products, broadly divided into 27 categories, except tea, coffee, spices, and marine products. APEDA had a share of over 50% in the entire export in agriculture and allied sector valued at $50.21 billion during 2021-22. 

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