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India’s Sugar Output At 25.4 Million Tonnes So Far This Season, Up 5.39% YoY

As per the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) report, Brazil ranks first in the sugar export business followed by India. The Asian nation is the leading producer and consumer of sugar in the world and ranks behind Brazil in terms of sugar export. The year 2022 proved to be a watershed season for the Indian sugar export sector as the Indian sugar mills contracted to export 6.1 million tonnes of sugar. 

Due to the unpredictable weather, sugar production initially decreased by 7% which hampered the export of sugar. Besides that, India also diverted a major portion of sugar production towards the production of ethanol as a fuel additive. The decrease in sugar output proved beneficial for other leading Sugar Exporters such as Thailand. 

Current Data Of Sugar Output 

The Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) said on 20th February 2023 that the mills in India had generated 25.4 million tonnes of sugar during the current season starting on 1st October 22, an increase of 5.39% year on year (YoY). 

As per the report, the mills processed 22.8 million tonnes of the sweetener between October 1 and February 15, slightly up as compared to the 22.2 million tonnes during the previous year. 

Sugar cane yields in key producing states such as Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Punjab, etc. declined owing to weather patterns, prompting the organization to lower its output predictions for 2022-23 by 7% from the prior forecast. The world’s largest producer’s export hopes have been dampened by predictions of reduced sugar output. 

The Bottom Line 

India is the largest sugar producer in the world and the country ranks second behind Brazil in terms of sugar exports. Around 50 million sugarcane farmers as well as 5 lakh workers are dependent on the sugar industry of India for employment. The sugarcane production in 2021-22 was 358 lakh tonnes and the sugar production in 2022-23 is anticipated to be 340 lakh tonnes. Out of which a major portion of 45 lakh tonnes will be diverted for ethanol conversion. 

According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), on 20th February 2023, the Indian sugar mills generated approximately 25.4 million tonnes of sugar during the current season starting on 1st October 22, which is 5.39% higher as compared to the last year. 

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