Is brown rice taking over the world? 

Rice market is ruling the grain market forever. It has been the most consumed grain and that isn’t changing. However, rice trends do keep evolving as per the consumer requirement and market dynamics. Rice is a commodity that is widely studied and scientists keep experimenting with genetic alterations to make it finer and healthier. In recent times, brown rice is a highly talked about rice range which is getting recognition world over. 

Is it taking over the world? In short, the answer is YES! But you do need to understand why. Brown rice has great health benefits but it is a brilliant commodity viable economically. A website, Tradologie.com has buyers over 30 countries and has numerous inquiries for brown rice. If you visit the website you’ll find that brown rice is a rapidly growing commodity and the buyer base is daily posting new demands. Looking at that we needed to understand this trend and the two dominant factors from brown rice rising to its peak are health and economic benefits. 

Let’s understand them in detail: 

Health benefits 

The reason brown rice is considered healthy is due to it being a whole grain. According to studies, brown rice helps lower cholesterol, move waste through the digestive tract, promotes fullness, and may help prevent the formation of blood clots. It is a great alternative for white rice as it is high on carbohydrates which are a great contributor to weight gain. Brown rice has vitamin B and folic acid that helps the body form new cell and iron, a mineral which carries oxygen to the blood. These are some reasons why people have started inclining towards brown rice consumptions. It’s good for every age-group and people can notice the difference in their diet, digestive system, weight gain, and even insulin levels. With great health benefits, this rice has proven to be profitable too. 

Economic benefits

In poor or developing countries brown rice has seen massive growth as it has phosphorous, selenium, magnesium, niacin, thiamine, and vitamins. It is a single source with so many great properties. Countries where the lower-income population is on the higher side, single grains are preferred to provide maximum nutrients without burning the pockets. Brown-rice has seen a more upward growth in comparison to white rice in western countries too. It is due to their need to be healthy, they pay great attention to their diets/ workout routines and brown rice perfectly fits with those needs. On the suppliers’ end, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are the major producers, supplying globally and due to the rise in demand, these countries have seen a great infusion of import currency. This is a great deal economically as these are all developing countries and infusion of cash from abroad will greatly help in their development. 

With all the above benefits, people across the globe are getting educated about this whole grain rice slowly but surely. It might take some time for it to dominate the global market but it is going to take over white rice, if not fully then with a significant margin.

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