Kashmiri Apples At UAE Supermarkets This Year 2022

Kashmiri Apples At UAE Supermarkets This Year 2022

Did you know Kashmiri apples make an appearance at UAE supermarkets? Now Kashmir’s farmers have a reason to celebrate after a UAE-based supermarket chain started selling Kashmiri apples in its stores.  

This ongoing selling chain gives a boost to the export of premium quality apples from India to the international market. Al Maya Group is a UAE-based business conglomerate that has more than 50 supermarkets in the GCC countries, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE (United Arab Emirates). According to the news agency PTI, these countries showcase Kashmiri apples in their stores. 

The superior quality Kashmiri apples are considered one of the best quality apples harvested mainly in the months of September-October. 

Increasing Demand for Kashmiri Apples in UAE

At the UAE supermarkets, customers said that this was the first time they had Kashmiri apples here. 

Yasmina Zara, an Arab national and a mother, said, “Though I have tasted apples from different other countries, Kashmiri apples are completely different in taste and freshness. And as a mother, I would love to recommend these Kashmiri apples to others.”

President- of Federation Chambers of Industries, Kashmir, Mir Syed Shahid Ahmed Kamili, said that India ranks 7th in the world apple production with a share of only 3 percent among all fruit crops. 

He said, “Kashmir assertions around 80% share of the total apple produced in India. We are grateful to the government of India as we are getting heavy subsidies and support to stimulate the export of Kashmiri products.” 

The delicious, superior quality apples, native to Kashmir, are considered one of the best quality fruit harvested mainly in September-October.  

AI Maya Group

AI Maya Group Director and Partner Kamal Vachani said that we are happy to announce the availability of freshly harvested apples at our supermarkets in the UAE. It is also a fact that this is a peak apple harvesting season in Kashmir. 

Which State is the Largest Producer of Apples in India?

Jammu and Kashmir is the largest producer of apples in India. In Jammu and Kashmir, around 33,15,85 hectares of land is fruit cultivated. Of which 16,47,42 hectares are under apple cultivation.

Horticulture contributes more than Rs. 5000 crores to the Jammu and Kashmir economy annually. The average production of apples is 10 MT per hectare. This is the highest among all fruits. The average production of all fruits is 5 to 6 MT per hectare. 

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