New steps to Revolutionise Agricultural Trade, Know More.

Agri Commodity Trading

India is an agriculture dominated economy, 70% of the rural population in India is dependent on agri-goods for their livelihoods, in the last recorded term, the country produced 275 million tonnes of food grain. Agricultural industry provides business to other sectors too like the food supply industry, logistics, storage industry etc. In short, agriculture is highly responsible for economic sustainability  of the country. Just not for self-sustainability, Indian food supply chain is spread globally as well. Indian government is always trying to elevate the farming sector, however for the first time ever organisations are considering the plea of suppliers as well. Private sectors are recognizing these needs in-order to create a smooth supply chain. Followed are two latest setups revolutionising agricultural trade.

Agriculture Storage unit 

Recently, Nest-in, the construction solutions unit of Tata Steel has launched a new storage unit called “Agronest”. It is designed to curb the agriculture wastage to half from the current level. It is a unique structure to maximise air flow and the spacious design makes it conducive for longer and safer for storage, besides providing a cost-effective environment to ensure minimal wastage. It is India’s first ever storage system with sensors to monitor room temperature, humidity and gas, enabling spoilage of the produce. Agronest storage system will be established in Maharashtra, the state dominating the onion production. This modern warehouse is backed with latest innovation and technology competitive enough to increase the shelf life of agri-products and minimise the multiple challenges farmers face with poor-quality storage systems. Tata steel has claimed this storage system to be inspired by the atmanirbhar bharat initiative. It is going to promote the self-reliance and self-sustainability agenda  throughout the country. If onion storage is successful, Tata Steel scientists are planning to come up with more tech-infused solutions for the agriculture sector. 

Agronest is designed to resolve the issues in the domestic supply chain, however to resolve the issues of international trade, lets understand another great initiative resolving these issues. 

Global digital procurement solution. 

Traditional style of exporting has limitations, so it can be troublesome. Tradologie.com recognised these problem areas and created a platform to break all the previous barriers. We have created a one stop solution for both buyers and sellers to commence business seamlessly.

It is the world’s first bulk agriculture commodity platform. Tradologie’s base ideology is driven to help both importers and exporters trade hassle free, we get both the buyer and seller online and live. Buyers state their requirements and multiple sellers then bid their prices instantly.  With this real-time process all the middlemen are eradicated and every transaction is completely transparent. It is the only online platform where buyers and sellers can deal in bulk commodities and place orders immediately. If the agricultural commodity world is digitized it is possible that steadily it will create the global trading community and agriculture trading can increase by 10X, without leaving the office.

Both these initiatives help the Indian agricultural community to boost business rapidly. It is time and money saving. Storage units help to preserve the produce and global exporting increases the consumption. Technology is restructuring every sector and it can break all barriers for the agriculture sector too, benefiting both suppliers and our presitiged farmer community.

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