The government lifted the export ban from a selective variety of onion, Krishnapuram and Bangalore rose

onion lift from Krishnapuram and Bangalore rose

Last month in September, the government banned onion export to cater to the demands of the Indian market. A shortage of supply in the country led to a global supply ban. Easing the ban, permission to export Banglore rose and Krishnapuram onions were granted with certain conditions.

As per guidelines issued by The Directorate General of Foreign Trade “ Export of Bangalore rose onions and Krishnapuram onions up to the quantity of 10,000 tonnes have been allowed for the period up to March 31, 2021, with immediate effect” 

Another order said that export will only be allowed via the Chennai port. 

With the above instructions, exporters will have to get a certificate from the horticulture commissioner, after validating the item and quantity. Krishnapuram onion exporters will have to follow the same steps and get a certificate from the Andhra Pradesh government. 

This step was taken as both Krishnapuram and Bangalore rose onions don’t have a demand in the Indian market due to their size and pungency. These onions are mostly imported by Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan. 

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