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Basmati Rice

Import Branded Rice In Bulk Through Tradologie.com

Branded Rice Online in Bulk

Looking to import branded rice in bulk? Look no further than Tradologie.com! Our online digital trade platform offers a wide range of imported rice, including some of the most popular brands in the world. We offer both long-grain and short-grain varieties, as well as a variety of flavors and textures. Whether you’re looking to stock up for your domestic demands or want to import in bulk to become a good importer., Tradologie.com has you covered. We also offer a fast, reliable delivery service to ensure that your rice arrives fresh and at the perfect temperature.

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4 Types of Pulses Export To Bahrain From India

Pulses exports from India

Pulses exports from India to Bahrain have increased considerably in the last decade, with much of these exports coming from 5 different types of pulses – gram, chickpea, mung bean, green bean, and red kidney beans. If you are an Indian exporter of pulses, it’s important to know about these five types so that you can target your marketing efforts to exactly the type of pulses that buyers in Bahrain want to buy. Let’s take a look at each one individually to see what makes them so popular.

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The Evolution of the Spice Trade in India

Spice trading online

The spice trade has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks, but its roots are actually much older than that. It’s been said that the spice trade began between the Mediterranean and India about 3,000 years ago, though some people believe it may have begun even earlier than that—and in a different region entirely. What we do know is that spices were incredibly valuable back then, which made people want to trade for them more than anything else. This led to both sailing voyages and land-based trading routes from Europe all the way to India, just to get their hands on this aromatic merchandise!

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Edible oil

7 Things You Should Know About Edible Oil Market Globally

export of edible oils

The global edible oil market is highly competitive, but you might be surprised by which countries are the biggest players. China and India, for example, are two of the largest exporters of edible oil, but they are also two of the biggest importers of it from other countries. In fact, the US exports more edible oil than any other country in the world. With all this movement happening in both directions, how will you know how to succeed in this market? Here are seven facts about the global edible oil market that will give you some insight into this competitive industry.

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Top Wheat Importing Countries: Overview

import and export of wheat in India


Just as the United States exports wheat, it also imports wheat. However, the import statistics are quite unique in comparison to export statistics. The U.S. only exports about 10% of total production, but imports over 50% of total production. The top importers of U.S. wheat are Egypt, Mexico and Japan in terms of volume; however, in terms of value Canada is the largest importer for every year since 2012/13 till the current crop year.

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Basmati Rice

Import Basmati Rice From India To Yemen Through Tradologie.com

Indian Basmati rice

India is the largest producer of Basmati rice in the world and many countries around the world import basmati rice from India. Basmati rice is a fragrant long grain rice that comes from the Indo-Gangetic plains of India and Pakistan. Basmati is considered to be one of the most popular varieties of rice because of its ability to absorb flavors from other ingredients and retain its own flavor. Basmati is mainly used for making Indian dishes like biryanis, pulaos and curries.

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Sugar Exporters

India’s Sugar Import/Export Market in 2022: An Overview

Sugar import in India

Sugar Import in India has been growing at a fast pace during the past years, and this trend is expected to continue over the next eight years. Sugar import in India has been growing at a fast pace during the past years, and this trend is expected to continue over the next eight years. Sugar import in India accounts for around 10% of total sugar imports in Asia-Pacific region, which in 2015 was pegged at US$9 billion. This will further increase due to a growing demand in the Indian market due to changing lifestyle and increasing population of India which will drive growth of the sugar import market over the forecast period from 2016 to 2022.

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5 Types of Pulses Exported from India to Ethiopia

pulses exports from India

Pulses are known to have some excellent health benefits, especially for those people who are concerned about their weight. Pulses provide complex carbohydrates that the body can use for energy, and which it can burn slowly over time to make you feel fuller longer, making it easier to avoid overeating in the future. Since organic pulses are high in fiber and other nutrients, they also help supporting digestive health, and can be good foods to include in your diet if you’re looking to lose weight as well as maintain it when you’ve reached your target weight. Because of their high nutrient values, Indian pulses are quite popular among consumers based in Ethiopia. Here are 5 types of pulses that exported from India to Ethiopia

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Agri Commodities Spices

Spice Trade: How It Changed the World

History of the Spice Route

Spices were not only used as flavorings or food preservatives, but they were also used in religious ceremonies, cosmetics and embalming fluids, and even medicines and alternative remedies since ages (for example, cinnamon was once thought to cure the plague). This made spices highly sought after by people all over the world, and many wanted to get their hands on them at any cost. The result? The Spice Trade was born!

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Agri Commodities

Agri-Commodities Trading in India: Overview

agricultural commodities trading

Agri-commodities have become very popular as an investment avenue amongst Indian investors as well as non-resident Indians (NRIs). Since the government of India has liberalized agricultural commodities trading in India, there has been a spurt in interest of people towards investing in Agri-commodities like sugar, rice, spices, pulses and millets. This article provides an overview of the current scenario of trading in agricultural commodities in India and some important factors that you should consider before venturing into trading in Agri-commodities.

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