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Is There any Difference Between OPC and PPC Cement?

Is There any Difference Between OPC and PPC Cement

Cement is a Construction Material which assumes an imperative part in making cement and mortar. OPC and PPC concrete are most generally utilized. Presently a days PPC is utilized as a substitution to OPC. Along these lines, the most confounding thing is the means by which to settle on the right decision. There is no compelling reason to aimlessly take after the pattern. Knowing their properties, prescribed utilizations, money saving advantages, and so forth will give you a superior thought regarding which concrete ought to be utilized and where it ought to be utilized. read more

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What is Soundness of Cement?


Soundness of concrete is the property of solidified bond glue experiencing extensive change involume in the wake of setting without postponed ruinous development. This dangerous development iscaused by intemperate measures of free lime or magnesia. This adjustment in volume may cause crackand breaking down of cement. Soundness of bond can be checked by utilizing Le-Chatliers apparatus.Soundness is only volumetric difference in the concrete .Presents of chemicals, for example, CaO,MgO will respond with the water show in the bond glue and it will expand the volume ofcement glue while solidifying. It might makes breaks in the building maintain a strategic distance from that it is necessaryto discover the soundness of concrete before utilizing that. It might fluctuate to each kind of bond even foreach clump. Soundness ought not surpass 10mm for OPC read more

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Why do We Use the Portland Cement?


The most widely recognized use for Portland cement is in the generation of cement. Concrete is a composite material comprising of total (rock and sand), cement, and water. As a development material, cement can be thrown fit as a fiddle wanted, and once solidified, can turn into a basic (stack bearing) component. Cement can be utilized as a part of the development of auxiliary components like boards, shafts, and road furniture, or might be thrown in situ for superstructures like streets and dams. These might be provided with concrete blended nearby, or might be furnished with ‘prepared blended’ cement made at perpetual blending locales. Portland cement is likewise utilized as a part of mortars (with sand and water just), for mortars and screeds, and in grouts (cement/water blends crushed into holes to unite establishments, street beds, and so forth.). read more

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Why Cement is So Important in Construction?

Constructing a house

Assyrians and Babylonians were perhaps the first to use clay as cementing material. In ancient monuments, e.g. forts, places of worship and defence structures, stones have been invariably used as a construction material with lime as the binder.Records show that Egyptians have used lime and gypsum as cementing materials in the famous pyramids. Vitruvius, a Roman scientist, is believed to be the first to have the know how about the chemistry of the cementitious
lime. read more

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