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Peanut oil consumption has seen an increase in consumption over the last few years. Plant-based oil is substituting dairy-based oil for general consumption. Mustard oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, rice bran oil, Palm oil, flaxseed oil, groundnut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, etc. are some of the commonly used plant-based oil.

Groundnut oil due to its various benefits is quickly gaining acceptance among the general population. Essentially groundnut or peanut oil is extracted from the seeds of peanut oil and is commonly used in most Asian countries. The peanut oil contains a mixture of MUFA (monounsaturated path) and PUFA (polyunsaturated path). Groundnut oil is also a rich source of Vitamin E. The vitamin plays a key role in protection from free radicals that damages body cells over a growing period of time. An optimal amount of MUFA and PUFA helps in maintaining the necessary level of cholesterol that prevents the occurrence of lifestyle diseases like heart attack, diabetes, etc.

India is one of the top consumers of edible oil in the world. As a matter of fact, it is the largest importer of edible oil in the world. Malaysia and Indonesia are the top 2 exporters of edible oil to India. Some of the largest peanut oil importers in the world are China, the EU, and the USA. Groundnut/peanut oil is mostly employed for cooking purposes. Owing to its great demand, groundnut oil manufacturers in India have been making a handsome profit by exporting to counties with high demand. Some of the characteristics of groundnut oil that makes it beneficial for daily uses are listed below:

Health heart: If you wish to stay hale and hearty, start consuming groundnut oil immediately. The oil is essentially cholesterol-free and hence does not add any unnecessary dietary cholesterol to the body. Low cholesterol consumption prevents Atherosclerosis a condition leading to the thickening of arteries and health complications. RESVERATROL present in the peanut oil reduces blood pressure and decreases stress on the cardiovascular system.
Presence of anti-oxidants: Anti-oxidants plays a great role in replacing new cells with old ones and keep the vitality of internal organs. Groundnut oil is a rich source of anti-oxidant freeing the body from toxins and free radicals. Besides, the oil also contains phytochemicals and vitamins which are natural anti-oxidants. Consumed regularly, it is well known to reduce inflammation and keep fatal diseases like cancer at bay.
Presence of unsaturated fat: Peanut oil has a great amount of unsaturated fat present in it. The fats are present in the form of different types of fatty acids such as stearic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, etc. these healthy fats are known to reduce the risk of heart diseases and other high cholesterol-related ailments.
Improve cognitive abilities: RESVERATROL present in the peanut oil is known to improve cognitive function besides reducing blood pressure and decreasing stress on the cardiovascular system. For old people, the consumption of oil slows down cognitive degeneration. Anti-oxidant properties prevent free radicals from breaking down neural highways in the brain, thus slowing down the progress of cognitive disease.
Healthy skin: The presence of Vitamin E and anti-oxidants helps in maintaining healthy and youthful skin. It prevents wrinkle formation, premature aging, and marks formed by free radicals.

A better option than regular oil:
Because of the high smoking point, groundnut oil can be used for deep frying foods. Indians and Chinese food especially need to be cooked with groundnut oil. The formation of dangerous substances occurs beyond the smoking point. Groundnut oil takes a long time to reach that point. The neutral taste of the peanut oil makes sure that it does not alter the dominant taste of the dish. Besides, it does not absorb the ingredient’s taste allowing for reusability.
New peanut oil suppliers face the issue of networking directly with the sellers. The presence of a large no. of middlemen and intermediaries in the trade inflates the landing price for buyers to a disproportionate level. It dampens the spirit of sellers looking to procure in bulk. Existing B2B platforms like Trade India and INDIA Mart do not address the deeper issues of the trade like payment security, end-to-end solutions, and best value for buyers and sellers. Identifying the service gap, TRADOLOGIE was established to address the unresolved concerns. It’s a next-generation, trade enabler, B2B platform that connects buyers and sellers directly. To, elaborate, it does more than simply connecting buyers and sellers. It employs technology to encourage live bidding among the participant sellers for an order quoted by the buyer with specific requirements. This concept of reverse bidding in a live environment ensures that the process is transparent and the buyer/seller receives the maximum value out of a transaction. As a matter of fact, buyers can save up to 20% in a B2B bulk marketplace like TRADOLOGIE. It also ensures that payment is secured for both parties. Transparency is the key to a business transaction. TRADOLOGIE just ensures that.

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