PM’s Mann Ki Baat focusing on homegrown mobile apps, know more.


Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in recent times has largely spoken for the need of India to be self-reliant. It is his recent Mann Ki Baat, broadcasted on Sunday 30-8-2020, he focused on the homegrown apps specially catering to the needs of tier 2 and tier 3 cities. 

Let’s read about that in detail further. 

PM’s Mann Ki Baat

As per his recent session, Prime Minister focused on the idea that how computer games are played both by children and adults yet these games are all designed overseas and feature their themes. We Indians have a rich and diverse culture and developing apps based on those themes, in India, allow parents to teach kids about Indian cultures playfully, even promote Indian heritage on a global platform. 

He further spoke about the entries of Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan contest, in which many mobile apps participated, promoting India on the global platform or to cater to the needs of Indian Population. 

Some apps he mentioned were, Kutki, Koo, Chinagari, Ask Sarkar, Steps To Go, Zoho, etc. 

His basic focus was for Indians to understand the need to go digital, the people world over are making billions of dollars just with the help of digitizing the current practiced trends. 

One such app helping to revolutionize trading practices is, they have facilitated trade between global buyers and suppliers worth 657 crores. Let read below how this digital platform works and their strategies to digitize trade. An Indian Trading Mobile app is the world’s first global procurement system.

As the name suggests, Tradologie is an infusion of technology in trade.

Until now, technology has only uplifted the B2C marketplaces or B2B lead generation setup, however,’s ideology is to revolutionize the bulk-commodity trading sector by inculcating technology in it. 

We have digitized the complete trading setup and introduced an app where buyers/sellers can interact with each other, providing a platform to existing and new suppliers to create a product market, globally. 

On the other hand, buyers looking to purchase commodities from all across the world, presenting them a portal where they can’t negotiate with suppliers, everything from just a simple mobile app. 

Contrasting to other B2B marketplaces, who are just basic business lead generation platforms, is an end-to-end solution, assuring verified inquiries and buyers-to-confirmed orders and payment security. 

Tradologie is also the only digital replacement for Trading Trade-fairs, both buyers and suppliers travel to countries looking to find the right deal, eradicating this traditional technique, we bring multiple suppliers and buyers all on one platform from across the globe. Our ultimate vision is to transform the Traditional trading sector and previously existing B2B marketplaces. 

A 100 percent Indian company, connecting the world, digitally.  

Bottom Line: India needs to be recognized on a global platform for its commodities, Infrastructures, and digital advancements, considering that helping India grow is an initiative everyone needs to undertake. So whatever the Ideas are they need to be implemented and showcased, worldwide. 

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