Basmati Rice

Production of Aged Basmati Rice From Basmati Rice Manufacturers In India

Basmati Rice Manufacturers From India takes special attention to the world’s market due to its high premium quality and elongation. The elongation nature of Basmati Rice is famous worldwide due to its aging processes.

As India has emerged as a Largest Basmati Rice producer, to sustain its market value in the international market, it becomes necessary to accelerate the process of aging and provide Basmati Rice to the world’s market with its best quality.

The natural aging process is a time-consuming process and the grain is also required proper storage.

Processing And Production of Aged Basmati Rice

  • The aging process of rice is a complicated process. Starch, protein, lipids are the important chemical components of rice which will affect the cooking and eating quality of rice.
  • During rice storage with the advancement of the technology, the chemical components of the rice are remaining unchanged. The physical and chemical property of the rice remains the same during the aging process and a wide variety of aged rice is exported to the world market.
  • Rice is classified according to its grain length. The Long aged Basmati rice provides the extra length of the grain. For the reason, rice is expensive in the market.

Advantages of Aging Basmati Rice for Basmati Rice Manufacturers In India

Aging on basmati is essential for the brewing industry. The period of Basmati Rice aging is between 1 year to 2.5 years. The aging process caters to every grain a special grain that has a very high-demand in the market.  The advantages of aging of Basmati rice are

  • Reduce moisture content
  • Increasing aroma
  • Increasing length
  • Unbelievable taste
  • Elongation after cooking

The demand for the Aged Basmati Rice is from the consumers of East Asian countries. The aging process of the rice has huge market demand from the USA and the Middle East.

The two types of processes are used to develop rice in aging. The heat factor is the most important part of quality changes during the aging process.

  • Dry heat
  • Wet heat

Dry heat performance is easier and cost-effective. With the processing of new technology on heating, the aroma of the rice has consistent in the market.

Road Ahead

The new innovative response surface methodology is the process of aging of the rice quality. Due to its unchanged high quality, Basmati Rice Price has always hiked in the market. The price of aged Basmati Rice is quite higher than the freshly harvested rice in the Indian market. The different brands of aged Basmati rice are available in the market are Daawat, India Gate, and Lalmahal, which are also very popular in the market.

Since the price of the stored Basmati Rice is 3 to 4 times higher than the newly harvested rice, the retailers in the markets are benefitted by selling the products to the export market for a higher value. However, in order to maintain a minimum price in the global market, the farmers are encouraged to continue to produce rice.

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