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Punjab To Export Green Chili To Avoid Market Glut

Punjab To Export Green Chili To Avoid Market Glut

Located in the northern part of India, Punjab is one of the major agro-producing states of the country. Fertile land, abundant water availability and favorable climatic conditions, provide the local farmers ideal conditions for crop production and making use of these factors, the state contributes significantly in the country’s food production.

Over time, Punjab has earned its name as “the breadbasket of India” and numerous policies and initiatives framed by the government has also been the reason behind Punjab’s bumper crop production every year.

The government has supported the local farmers time and again and in an attempt to lessen the sufferings of the local farmers, the horticulture department of Punjab has started addressing the price crash in the local markets.

Prices Of Vegetables Crash In Punjab

The vegetable growers of Punjab are having a hard time as the prices of their agro-produce have slumped to all time low. Lately, they have complained that Capsicum which is being sold in the retail market at Rs 20 per kg is being procured from them at Rs 2 per kg in the wholesale market. 

Failure of the government authorities in devising a mechanism that helps farmers get proper prices for their produce has been their accusation.

Farmers worry of a similar trend being followed for Chilies as well. Forced to sell their produce at throw-away prices, they are anxious that a market glut can dampen their business prospects in case of green chilies too.

Punjab’s Horticulture Department Intervenes

The horticulture department of Punjab has finally started to address the price crash of vegetables in the state. In a meeting organized by officials, various ways to promote cultivation of green chilies were discussed including ways to standardize quality, marketing and processing.  Also, to avoid a situation of oversupply, leading to price crash, the officials have decided to export chilies out of the state.

The Bottom Line

Punjab is one of the major agro-producing states of India and with bumper production of high quality rice, wheat and other crops every year, it plays a vital role in ensuring food security of the country. Policies and measures also help the farmers of the state in having a crop production and this time as well, taking note of the price crash of vegetables in Punjab, the horticulture department has decided to intervene. It has organized a meeting with officials to promote production of green chilies and to avoid a situation of over-supply has decided to export green chilies out of Punjab.

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